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Yair Netanyahu is an exemplary example from a family of hedonists

Benjamin Netanyahu's son Yair, 32, hunkers down in a $5,000-a-month Florida high-rise protected by Israeli Shin Bet bodyguards as hundreds of thousands of his countrymen put their lives on the line in brutal fighting against Hamas in Gaza.

  • Exclusive photos show Benjamin Netanyahu's older son Yair, 32, loafing around a luxury, $5,000-per-month condo rental in Florida as the war against Hamas in Gaza rages on

  • Our images show Bibi's boy lounging about in shorts and sweats, sipping drinks and entertaining pals with a VR headset on his two-bed apartment's expansive terrace 

  • The pampered Netanyahu scion is eligible for reserve duty until he turns 40 – but has instead chosen to hide out in Hallandale Beach, just outside Miami and some 7,000 miles from the frontline.

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Hopefully, someone will send this lazy, good-for-nothing idler a bouquet of White Feathers.


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