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"Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?"

The statement is attributed to Henry II of England in 1170 with reference to Thomas Becket, the then Archishop of Canterbury.

Today, the phrase is used to express the idea that a ruler's wish can be interpreted as a command by his or her subordinates.

The street gossip I hear echos that statement in regard to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Many are saying – in Hebrew, Arabic and maybe other languages – will no one rid us of this dictatorial prime minister.

For many, the prime minister is past his “sell date” and needs to be removed from the shelf. Let him retire gracefully to the world speaker tours, write his autobiography and rake in the big bucks. Maybe he’ll even separate from “her indoors”? Regardless, its time to allow Israel to move on. No doubt streets, parks, airports, ports, highways and numerous other facilities will in due course be named in his honor.


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