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When your house is on fire, does it matter who drives the fire truck?

I have missed something? I can only assume that Benny Gantz and his band of merry men are reading from a different script to the rest of the country.

Our home is on fire, and yet, driven by what appears to be pure hatred and loathing for Benjamin Netanyahu, Gantz & Co. appear to be hell-bent on ignoring the fact and going their own way.

Gantz repeatedly promised to put Israel first. Here is a prime example of putting Israel first and yet he chooses instead to beat his chest and posturing.

Make no mistake, this a war just as deadly as Israel has fought in the past. Maybe more so. The IDF is a well trained, forceful fighting machine, not so the civilian medical fraternity. In the war against the coronavirus, it’s a case of a united front – Jew, Muslim, Christian, secular, religious. It’s all hands to the pumps.

And yet, amid maybe Israel’s greatest crises Gantz, so driven by his desire to unseat Benjamin Netanyahu is disregarding the plight of Israel.

That Gantz wishes to include the Joint List in his proposed narrow government, accepted, after all, the Joint List does represent almost 25% of the population of Israel, like it or not?

I did read a couple of pieces recently that suggested Gantz, to get rid of Netanyahu, would make a deal with Hamas or Hizballah. Maybe that is going too far?

But the fact remains, now is not the time for self-importance.

Netanyahu is driving the fire truck, let him. Jump on board and lend a hand. If not, simply get out of the way. Once the battle is won, and should he be still so inclined, Gantz can restart his campaign to unseat Netanyahu.

And that maybe Gantz’s problem. His Blue & White party is, as predicted by many, starting to unwind, as is the collation that supports him. Time for now at least would appear not to be on his side.

As the coronavirus spreads, so Netanyahu’s standing as a leader grows as we look to him for direction, reassurance, and commitment to fight this must-win war.

Surely as a former IDF chief of staff, Benny Gantz can understand this?


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