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What you see, is not what you get

Over the last days, the refrain I am hearing more and more is that Israel needs a firm, experienced pair of hands, even if those hands are grubby.

What is the alternative, a rookie with less than one-year parliamentary experience? So what, according to Yair Lapid, “everyone knows (Benny Gantz) is honest” [Times of Israel, 25/02/2020]. It’s a sweeping statement; does everybody?

I am sure Benny Gantz is a nice guy, and obviously to become IDF chief of staff must have something special, the question is, is that something special enough to lead the country?

Heard an interesting story today about the early Russian empire. The story relates to Olga, the wife of Prince Igor I of Kiev, approximately 1,000 years ago. Igor was by all accounts a famous general, renowned for his fighting and leadership abilities. After many years of fighting and uniting various regional tribes, he declared himself ruler of all the conquered tribes and established his base as Kiev. The problem it seemed was that although he was an outstanding military leader, he was a rookie at politics, and quickly meet his demise.

Better the devil you know etc, etc.

But that is the problem.

We know that with Benjamin Netanyahu we also get both Shas and United Torah Judaism, something many can’t stomach. Aryeh Deri, despite or maybe because of his grabby hands, understands how things work. Not sure that Yaakov Litzman and Moshe Gafni do. (read just this afternoon that Gafni will, as a condition of joining the next government, there will be a demand to cease all public transport on the Shabbat in the greater Tel Aviv area).

But that is not the only issue. Bibi has baggage with him, namely “her indoors” or maybe more aptly “she who must be obeyed”.

Just this lunchtime, The Times of Israel carried a story first aired on Channel 13 news from last night (Tuesday). The story relates to Netanyahu’s trip to Omen. The headlines read ( “Breaking protocol, Sara Netanyahu insisted on traveling to Oman with PM”. “Embarrassed Mossad officials were sent to tell Omani officials that Netanyahu was in ‘sensitive situation’ due to wife’s ‘special temperament’”.

Note the words “special temperament” and the fact that Bibi was in a ‘sensitive situation’.

The bottom line is that no one voted for this woman who, at least according to the media has a hold of the elected PM of Israel to such as extent that she calls the shots.

True, fake news, who knows. One thing is clear, there is no smoke without a fire, meaning this woman with her “special temperament” could be just as dangerous to Israel as Bibi claims Benny Gantz will be if he is elected PM.

So, who to vote for?


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