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What is Netanyahu afraid of?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can, and is, accused of many things, but being a coward is not one of them. The PM is known as a fighter, and like a first-class chess player is thinking several moves in advance.

It’s a given that Benny Gantz will not become PM next year unless of course, Netanyahu himself decides that he has had enough of Israeli politics, which currently seems unlikely.

And, yet, when it comes to The Three Stooges, particularly Litzman and Gafni, Netanyahu becomes apprehensive, fearful, a wimp.

OK, we know why, he is concerned about his majority and ready to do all that is required to keep himself in power, even if it’s to the detriment of the country.

It seems that almost every week Litzman and Gafni threaten to resign over one issue or another.

Litzman and Gafni are not their own men, they are merely the blinkered mouthpiece for a group of elderly narrow-minded rabbis, who are so out of touch with the real world that it’s both frightening and disturbing.

Just once Netanyahu needs to stand up to them, and call their bluff.

They, Litzman and Gafni, and their cronies need Netanyahu far more than Netanyahu needs them.

Instead of calling their bluff, Netanyahu immediately caves in and meets whatever demands they lay at his feet. Four hundred million shekels for their yeshivas and to pay their followers for sponging off the state when hundreds of thousands of Israelis are out of work and some in horrendous circumstances. These parasites live off the fate-of-the-land while others strive to make ends meet.

Or what about Uman? Ronni Gamzu, the man appointed by Netanyahu to led and oversee the fight against COVID19, is suddenly thrown under the bus by Netanyahu because of Litzman and Gafni object to his ruling blocking travel to Uman.

And naturally, Miki Zohar, Netanyahu’s poodle-in-chief, echoes his boss’s displeasure at Gamzu. ‘Netanyahu ally rebukes virus czar for opposing Ukraine trips, allowing protests’ ‘Miki Zohar claims Ronni Gamzu hasn’t halted mass rallies against Netanyahu because ‘he fears the media,’ says Rosh Hashanah pilgrimage ‘will happen if he wants it or not’


‘Virus czar rejects criticism by Netanyahu ally as serious cases hit new high.’ ‘Ronni Gamzu dismisses remarks by Miki Zohar, says he has picked a ‘complicated’ approach to fighting COVID-19 that isn’t always popular’

It’s no secret that Litzman and Gafni are anti-Zionist, that they have zero love or zero tolerance for most Israelis. So what if another hundred or more die from COVID19, as long as Hasidic Jews can fulfill their duties, big deal, who cares!

It would be interesting to find out if, under Israeli law, Litzman, Gafni, and Netanyahu could be implicated as accomplices in the death of eight hundred plus Israelies? And if the ultra-Orthodox refuse to adhere to travel ban, and more people die, could Litzman, Gafni, and Netanyahu also be held partially responsible? It’s a platform for a meaningful debate.

Having just criticized Miki Zohar, I have to now give him a thumbs–up for his dismissal of Bezalel Smotrich insane bill regarding changing the law as to ‘who is a Jew’ ‘New bill aims to change law regarding who can make aliyah’

Smotrich is fortunate, he was born in Israel, he never had to endure name calling, being spat at, dispised as many Jews are outside of Israel. Yet, instead of trying to understand the feelings of Jews, from all walks of life and all streams of Judaism, Smotrich chooses to defy ‘who is a Jew’ by his narrow vision.

It’s no secret that Smotrich has zero time or tolerance for non-Jews or those he believes are beneath him. Just think of the TV interview from a couple of years ago when he announced publicly that he did not want a non-Jewish doctor or nurse (read Arab) to attend to his wife during the delivery of her baby.

We know that Smotrich believes that the Jews and the Jews along are the “landlords” of Israel.

That Miki Zohar put the kibosh on this proposed bill at the behest of his boss, is also a given; it was not off his own back. Nevertheless, Zohar is entitled to the credit for doing the ‘right thing’.

And talking about ‘doing the right thing’, what the hell is going on with the BBC and the pulling of Rule, Britannia! and Land Of Hope And Glory.

Following the outrage, the BBC has condescended to allow orchestral versions of these two songs.

It had been widely reported that the BBC would drop the songs over concerns of associations with colonialism and slavery.

To have done so would allow the snowflake PC brigade to have calked up a ‘win’.

Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory are highlights of the Last Night of the Proms. I can’t image the Last Night without these renditions plus of course Parry’s Jerusalem. It was the annual event that as a child on a Saturday evening introduce me to classic music. Yes I know, the second half of the evening is not exactly high-brow music but when you are a youngest, the music, the singing stirs something positive in you. At least, it did me.

Certain elements find the song’s lyrics offensive. What to do? These songs are part and parcel of the British tradition that the snowflakes of the PC brigade can’t seem or don’t want to understand.

Britain has many traditions, are we to do away with anything and everything offensive to some part of the community? Can you imagine the outcry if it was suggested that the world-famous Notting Hill Carnival was scrapped because it’s offensive to some? Do the snowflake PC brigade object to the singing of ‘God Save the Queen’? Indeed what about the song ‘Jerusalem’, is that also offensive to some?

The list goes on and on of events, songs, movies, plays, books that the snowflake brigade wants to ban. What about emulating the Nazis and have a book burning in Trafalgar Square, wouldn’t that be fun? There must be thousands of books that the PC brigade finds offensive. (No doubt they also find Nelson offensive and therefore demand that the square be renamed in honor of obscure but acceptable writer.)

These snowflakes need to remember and understand Britain's traditions.

There is much that Britain is guilty of, but history can’t be rewritten. It can be corrected, not by pulling down statues, banning songs, books, movies, and more. It’s corrected in school thru education and telling the pupils the truth. History is written by the victors, not the vanquished.

As a schoolboy, I devoured history in every form it was presented to me; in the class, books, magazines. It was only much later that I came to understand that for the most part I had been fed lies, untruths, and worse.

Just one example. While the Nazis certainly perfected the notion of a ‘concentration camp’, they did not ‘invent’ the concept. Surprise, Surprise the concept was devised by the British and used against the Boers during the Second Boer War in South Africa. (I did not hear any snowflakes screaming for justice for the Boers; of course not, they were ‘white’.). And Hitler was fond of telling his followers that he admired the way the US government in the 1870s, 1880s dealt with the native Americans, herding them to reservations, giving them blankets, clothing infected with smallpox, and other diseases. (Again, is anyone shouting for justice for the native American?). And let us not forget what the Americans did in 1940 herding US/Japanese citizens to relocation centers. Or Britain in 1939/1940 shipping suspected enemy aliens to Australia/New Zealand or locking them up in camps on the Isle of Man.


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