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Welcome to Snippets

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a snippet is a ‘small and often interesting piece of news, information, or conversation’.

I initially envisaged Snippets being a single-issue rant of no more than 300 words. Something short, sharp, and hopefully to the point. Something along the lines of the X (formally Twitter) or Bluesky. In my case, I wanted to limit the words rather than the number of characters.

Other than this blog, I don’t use Social Media. I gave up on Facebook several years ago when I found myself trolled by users who took offense to my rants and raves; even though I had enabled various restricted access options.

Before opting for Snippets I had looked at Bluesky. While I am sure Bluesky is on the road to be a massive hit, it's not for me.

And I do not consider email, WhatsApp, Signal, or SMS to be part of the Social Media world. For better or worse they have become indispensable communication tools.

Someone whose opinion I value suggested that the notion of a snippet is a ‘take out’ from a larger conversation, and its written format should be restricted to 75 to 100 words, not the 300 I visualized.

So while I will leave the 300-word barrier in place, I will aim to restrict each entry to between 100 to 150 words.

Let’s see what happens.

Enjoy Snippets.


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