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First published January/February 2019 on my now-defunct Facebook page.

The first bronze soldier created for the D-Day tribute to the 22,000 who died in the Battle of Normandy offers a glimpse of how magnificent the monument will be.

No doubt some snowflake will complain about the monument, as they recently did about the Bomber Command and Churchill monuments.

They need to understand that it's because of these men and women and their heroic actions that these snowflakes can express their views.

Had the Nazis marched down Pall Mall, it would have all be so different, including me be able to write these words.

Just because a restaurant is kosher or in this case Glatt Kosher does not mean that the place is clean or that food is prepared or served to a high standard of food-handling hygiene.

I had an interesting experience the other day, one I don’t wish to repeat.

I was invited to a Glatt Kosher restaurant in Herzilya Marina for a celebratory dinner. Will not name the establishment but their logo is a parrot.

The restaurant is used almost exclusively by the orthodox/ultra-orthodox community who, from what I saw, may care about Kashrut but have zero feelings about food-handling hygiene.

Serving staff who smoke during their breaks, so when they speak to you, you need to turn away from them as their breath smells.

Dirty building fabric, in places, crumbling, public toilets which are murky – I was always told you can tell a restaurant’s standards by simply checking out their public toilets.

Bottom-line, while the kosher supervisor may look at the raw ingredients being brought into the kitchen, he must be blind if he can’t see all the issues with general food handling/preparation. (maybe he gets his brown envelope and goes for a smoke).

And no, other than the bread I did not eat anything. I eat when I came home later that evening.

Rhetorical Questions.

Why in Israel does every Tom, Dick and Benny, Moshe or Yair (other names can be substituted as required) think that they alone have the panacea for curing Israel’s ills?

And why, if they have, the magic formula do they find it necessary to form yet another new political party? Why not fight their corner from within the established parties?

In many other countries where a parliamentary system prevails, a snap general election is usually held with three weeks of the dissolution of parliament. Why in Israel are three months required?

Why is it necessary to consultant with all parties to pick a suitable date? Why do we, the general public, have to suffer three months of being bombarded with rhetoric, meaningless sound bites and being told tales that should make many of the tellers grow Pinocchio noises?

As things stand right now, I have zero interest in the election; I am turned off by all the BS I heard in the days that I was laid-up following dental surgery.

Thinking about, maybe the election antics and not the surgery made me depressed!

I wish I could say roll-on April 10, but whatever the outcome we will have to endure weeks of collation negotiations before a new government is sworn in.

Proportional representation is fine, but surely there is a better way? What about raising the entry threshold to 10%? But wait, that will not happen as any (comfortably) sitting MK is not going to vote himself/herself out of office!

What a mess!

Evangelical Christians in Saudi Arabia: what is the agenda?

At first reading, I thought WOW, this is unique. However, reading the article a few times more I started to ask myself questions: How come Joel Rosenberg lives in Israel? Does he have Israeli citizenship? Did he acquire Israeli citizenship under the “law of return”? Why does the Israeli government allow him to preach/practice in Israel?

The more I read the article and researched Rosenberg, the more the words “Evangelical Christians have an agenda”. I’m not religious and have no problem with people who are, in fact at times I am envious of them and their strong faith/beliefs.

So what is the “agenda”? Because it’s not transparent.

It may seem on the surface but it’s not.

So what is going on?

Israel does not need Rosenberg or his minions in Saudi Arabia. Israel has excellent and growing communication – both above and below the table with the Kingdom as well as other countries in the region. (Bibi’s recent visit to Oman.)

The PLO/Hamas and the like don’t need Rosenberg to play-up to the Saudi”s. The US certainly does not need him; the US Sectary of State is a frequent visitor to the Kingdom. So what is the “agenda” and who is paying for it?

I understand that Evangelical Christians are Trump supports. I get it that Mike Pence is an advocate of Evangelical Christians and their beliefs – last week”s public prayer by a Christian Rabbi proves the point.

So again I ask, what is their agenda?

Are they seeking to make Jerusalem the future capital of the “Christian” world?

Maybe they have a plan to convert all Jews to their beliefs and turn Israel into a Christian country and thereby solve the problem of Israel?

Bottom line: a lot is going on here which needs to be watched, monitored and acted upon.

Put it another way; something about this setup is not “kosher”.


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