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They Knew.

What follows is a translation of the original Hebrew text which has been doing the rounds via WhatsApp in the last few days.

As far as I am aware the author of the piece has not been identified. I have heard various people claim that the writer is a prominent Israeli journalist, while others ascertain that the writer is an Israeli ‘Man of Letters’.

Regardless, whoever wrote the original text has produced a powerful, thought-proving proclamation of facts, somewhat in the style of Emile Zola and his celebrated “J’accuse,” and paints a disturbing picture of Israel in 2021. I daresay that by substituting names, the damning indictment could pertain to the US, UK, and many other countries, and demonstrates yet again, that powerful people believe themselves infallible, above the law and common norms.

The starting point is the accusation and purported cover-up of the activities of Yehuda Meshi-Zahav, the founder, driving force, and until a few days ago, head of the ZAKA organization.

More about the ZAKA organization can be found here

I should point out that while the accusations against Yehuda Meshi-Zahav are grievous, he has, thus far, not been found guilty in a court of law of any crime. In the court of public opinion, it is another matter altogether. From comments in the past few days, many members of the general public would like to see him ‘hung, drawn, and quartered.

As to the text, I have made no changes to the translation other than grammatical, and the addition of words in parentheses for clarification purposes.

I suppose at this stage I would say/write ‘read and enjoy’, somehow that does not seem to be appropriate. Instead, when reading, think about how we place these people on pedestals, worship them as heroes, only to be brought down to earth when we realize that they are ‘human’ just like us. That by the way is no excuse for criminal activities, rather a clink in their makeup.


They knew he was taking children, boys, and turning them into his sex slaves. They knew, everyone knew, and yet remained silent.

They knew and yet they let him light a beacon on (Israel) Independence Day.

They let him fly the flag, honor the symbols of all that unites us.

They knew, feared, bowed their heads, surrendered, hid, protected, allowed.

The result: a pedophile, a serial sex offender climbing to the highest honor.

They knew even when they nominated him for this year’s Israel Prize.

They knew when (ex-Israeli) President Moshe Katsav was harassing women. They knew he was a serial sex stalker, and they allowed him to be a member of Knesset (Israel’s parliament), a council leader, a minister, and why not -- a president!

This is the man who blessed on (Army) Memorial Day the IDF (Israel Defense Force) soldiers, lit beacons on Independence Day, Holocaust Remembrance Day; I am ashamed to think of this man.

They knew and remained silent.

Fill their mouths with boiling water!

That's the way it is with a prime minister who cheats, who lies, (who is) corrupt, bribing, threatening. (For) Years and years...

That's how it is with a prime minister's wife who abuses, mistreats, treads, and squashes the weakest around her. (For) Years, years...

They'll know, they know, and they're silent. You see, you hear, you look away, and you keep going.

They don't even stop for a moment in front of the mirror.

They roll their eyes up and up, know that at the end of the adage she wears the best shirts and embarks on a crazy journey of extravagant, hedonistic, and Louis XIV style meals.

They knew and they kept quiet.

They're still silent!

This is how it is with Shula Zaken, (Ehud) Olmert, the Chief Rabbi, the Minister of Finance, the Minister of the Interior ...

Where do we live?

Which hornet's nest did we choose?

What? We're the barking dogs and the survival convoy with blue blinkers, passing.

We are the fat in their Audi and Cadillac engines.

What? We're only good at paying an ocean of taxes, lying in ambushes, getting in uniform, running when receive our emergency call-up papers, and spending most of our lives (stuck) in traffic?

They know, they know what they're doing!

Damn you, the corrupt ones.

Damn you all who knew.

Damn you the silent ones.

Damn you, you cowards!

"The cruelest lies are said in silence."


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