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"They keep having elections and nobody is getting elected"

So quipped US President Donald J. Trump recently at a gather of his Jewish Orthodox supports in New York.

As is the President's way, he simplified the facts. Unlike certain Euroepan contries that seem to embrace annual general elections, Israel is relatively stable. Yes, the country has held two elections this year and at the time of writing short of a miracle or compromise by one side or the other, a third election appears to be looming for early 2020.

Donald Trump has made it clear numerous times that he likes only winners. Remember what he said about the late John McCain during the 2016 US election cycle?

While with regard to Israel, there have been, thus far, no “winners”, it would have been appreciated if the President had said a word or two of encouragement and support for the losers; the citizens of Israel. The average Moshe, Danny or Benny, Aviva, Batya and Leah of any given city, town or village across Israel.

Even if a last-minute compromise is found to the impasse, it will be a short-term fix only. There are no winners, and we the people of Israel remain the losers.

Its time to change in the electoral system in Israel. Increasing the Knesset to 140 seats which appears to be happening at some not-distant future date, is not the answer. The impasse will remain. A fundamental change from bottom-up is required, and I don’t see many members of the noble house standing in line to vote themselves out of office and forfeit their serene positions.

And yet change is required with immediacy.

The question is, are we brave enough to demand electoral change?


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