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The View from the Rear Window

Articulate - the single word, uttered as a command, is often the opening of a dialogue between Harlan Cohen’s fictional characters, Myron Bolitar and Windsor (Win) Horne Lockwood III.

The word came to mind a few days ago, listening and reading the verbal diarrhea spewing forth from wannabe leaders on both the left and right of Israeli politics. (Those in the so-called center are just as bad.)

Why is it that these wannabes, each with an ego bigger than Texas, think that they alone have the answer to what ails Israel?

And while they talk-the-talk (articulate their vision) they appear unwilling or unable to walk-the-walk and come together as a single unified block. It would seem that their egos win-out each time.

How is it that seemingly intelligent people are unable to see what is in front of them? What is staring them in the face?

It is of course all good news for Bibi, the great manipulator, puppet-master extraordinaire. He plays his favorite game – divide and rule!

It is time to swallow the egos, set aside differences, find common ground – beyond removing Bibi from power – and band together, for the greater good. The greater good being Israel. And, isn't funny, with some 60 days to the election, Bibi, our would-be benevolent benefactor, has announced that he’ll ‘’tackle (Arab sector) community crime like terrorism’’. The question is, where has he been all these years. The answer is simple, he does not give two-hoots about crime in the Arab-sector, but he understands that the Arab-sector could give him three or maybe even four seats. Does he believe that people are so gullible? The answer is a resounding yes. Articulating yet again his profound dislike of the High Court, MK Moshe Gafni called the judges “insolent” regarding the decision of the High Court to allow visitors to bring bread and other leavened food into hospitals during the Passover holiday. Gafni, one of the Three Stooges, together with Litzman and Deri – I’ve never managed to work out who is who – which is Larry, Moe, and Curly. ‘’Haredi MKs fume as High Court says bread allowed in hospitals on Passover’’ ‘’Ultra-Orthodox lawmakers threaten to try and pass law overriding top court before March election’’ Gafni and his brethren need to remember a few salient points; just under 75% of Israel's citizens are Jewish, the remainder, just over 25% are Muslim, Christian, and other faiths or no faiths. And yes, while the majority rule, the majority need and must take into consideration the feelings and needs of the minority. And it is not just the 25% minority, We should not be shocked by Gafni’s rant. Haaretz newspaper tells us in a recent article that “Israel’s ultra-Orthodox Prefer a Jewish State to a Democratic One’’ For the likes of the Three Stooges, Bezalel Smotrich, and many others, a Jewish state built on Jewish law touches that of a democratic state. I fear for our country, and while not for me, for our children and grandchildren, and the fear of living under an Iranian-type regime. Is this what Ben Gurion and the state's founding-fathers imaged for Israel? While we should not be shocked by Gafni, we should be by the sheer ignorance of Rabbi Daniel Asor. It is reported that the Ultra-Orthodox rabbi, with a significant online following, is telling his (can’t think for themselves) followers Covid vaccine ‘can turn people gay’ - The man is not only ignorant, he is down-right dangerous. I am surprised that the observant minister of health has not spoken out against this moron. And this is the type of rabbi that would have Israel rules by Jewish rabbinical law rather than the law of man. It will be a sad day for Israel when this happens, as I fear it will.


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