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The Real Donald Trump Is a Character on TV

I have zero desire to write about those who supposedly govern us, the ones we by mistake, ignorance, or a ‘could not care less’ attitude vote for.

There is no difference as far as I can see between the wallies in Jerusalem and the wally in the White House.

In writing even a few words about Donald J., I recall the words of John Bolton while being interviewed by Sky’s Kay Burley. Two or more years on, how does John Bolton now feel about his ex-boss and president?

Five years ago, I was naive, no, make that stupid enough to believe that Donald Trump would make a positive difference to US politics. My US-based friends all, to a man, told me no-way but I choose to believe that his style of the presidency if elected, would be different. Well, I certainly got that part right, his style is unique to the detriment of the United States and the (free) World.

A line that has appeared frequently in the last few days about Donald J. is that he is a hallow (minor) TV personality who sees himself superior to others.

You Wanted A Reality Show Host As President, Well Now You're On Survivor -

Even before Corona and George Floyd, Donald J. was walking a fine line. Lacking knowledge and experience the double whammy has knocked him for six. The man is clearly out of his depth. If he truly cares about the US, if he desires to make America “Great Again”, he should read the writing on the wall and remove himself for the November election race. He will not of course as the man has shown himself to lack feelings for his fellow countrymen.

It could be argued that by his lack of leadership, negligence, and ‘could not care less’ attitude, Donald J. is partly responsible for the deaths of over 100,000 Americans from COVID19.

The same responsibility rests on his shoulders regarding the aftermath of the George Floyd killing. The phrase, Twittered by Trump “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” was totally and completely unnecessary and showed a complete lack of compassion.

That Donald J. calls himself the “Law and Order” president is simply not true. “Law” is not enforced by calling city mayors and state governors weak, nor by soldiers on the streets with fixed bayonets, tanks, helicopters.

Find a longterm solution to the problem, don’t throw a bandaid at it.

This rant has probably cost me my US visa.


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