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The power of tenacity, self-belief, and courage

I need to hold my hands ups from the outset and declare that I am no fan of KFC, maybe it is an age thing.

What can not be denied is the sheer pleasure that KFC has brought to people around the world.

Harland David Sanders, (September 9, 1890 – December 16, 1980), the founder and driving force behind KFC – the title “Colonel” was honorary title bestowed on him the state of Kentucky – warrants our admiration for his resolve to succeed, his drive for success and his solid belief in his product.

The attached clip does not fully pay tribute to the man and his achievements. What it does do is to help focus our drive, our commitment to seeing through a plan. And while there surely is an element of luck in any success story, the bottom line must be perseverance at all costs.

Winston Churchill in the darkest days of WWII would remind those around him, including the King to KBO – ‘keep buggering on’.

Maybe it’s not the epitaph that is best suited to Colonel Sanders, but it proves the point that determination and courage win the day.

Enjoy the clip – hope that it encourages you to meet the challenges in your daily life.


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