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The Power of Semantics

The journalist, Guy Zohar recently remarked that, as we know, there is one rule for us, and another for those who claim to have our best interests at heart.

Simply put, those who sit closest to the plate rule, the rest of us plebs are thrown the leftovers.

It’s no secret, no surprise that politicians the world over, including the vast majority here in Israel, are masters of spin, of bending facts, twisting evidence, telling porkies, and using semantics to their utmost degree. If there was a Ph.D. in semantics, many of our MKs would hold degrees in the subject.

In recent days we have had Micky Levy, Gila Gamliel, and Nadav Argaman break lockdown rules. Levy held his hands up and resigned his position on the corona committee. Argaman, head of the Shin Bet the agency that tracks virus carriers, appears thus far to be unrepentant. As for Gamliel, I have heard no shouting for Miki Zohar or even a hint of a reprimand from the Prime Minister.

Another example, if one was needed, of rules and rules.

And talking of rules, how about the story of our queen, no, not the one in London, the rather the one in Balfour Street.

‘’Sara Netanyahu had hairdresser visit home, in violation of lockdown — report’’ ‘’Sources representing prime minister’s wife say haircut was necessary for appearance in public service video urging Israelis to comply with virus rules’’

Apart from the craziness of this situation, she needed a haircut, had to break curfew rules, so she could tell us the importance of adhering to curfew rules. Mad or what?

And since when does Sara Netanyahu appears in public service videos, is she a public servant like her husband? And, who paid for the haircut and how much did it cost? A pound to a penny, we, the poor downtrodden of Israel paid for her haircut.

I have several times written that Sara Netanyahu is a lethal combination of Marie Antoinette, Eva Peron, and Elena Ceaușescu. This latest episode further enhances that fact.

Double standards rule!

Last night Aryeh Deri sat down and spoke with two pleasant but still ‘green’ reporters from channel 11. The main thrust of the conversation was naturally COVID19 and what the government had and had not done to combat the virus. Deri of course played up his efforts. I stand to be corrected but I don’t know what Deri has done in the last eight months to help fight COVID19 beyond looking out for the interests of his electorate. It’s as if all others, secular, Muslim, Christian, are merely a hindrance to him. I could ask in all the years that Deri has sat in the Interior Ministry, what has he achieved, what is his outstanding accomplishment?

Towards the conclusion of the ‘’chat’’, Deri was asked about his comments of some months previously, in which he forcefully stated that he would do all in his power to ensure that the rotation agreement between Gantz and Netanyahu was adhered to. Suddenly, this was no longer a ‘’chat’’, Deri was ambushed with a critical question. His response, “during Succoth’’ I don’t give interviews. WOW!!!!

So what had Deri been doing for the past 10 minutes, shooting the breeze?

Deri is known for not being the sharpest knife in the drawer, but even he must have realized that his response was a pure dumb ass retort.

But, such are our leaders, who only care about us when an election comes around, at which time they tell porkies that would bore the hind legs off a pig. And we gobble up their tall-tales as if manna from heaven. Poor, stupid us.


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