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The Lighthorsemen – Australian mounted infantry

Been watching (again) clips on YouTube of The Lighthorsemen – Australian mounted infantry responsible for the capture of Beersheba from Turkish Ottoman troops (with German commanders) in April 1917. As a history buff, I can understand the romanticism and hero status attached to T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia). That said it of course be nice if a new film was made this time expending the story to show what pigs ear Britain and France made in carving up the region as the Ottoman Empire collapsed. Typical colonists’ power! - OK, I’m naive – so what else is new? In 1945 Roosevelt in the weeks before his death thought the same about the British and French and Dutch as they started about restoring their ravaged empires. Forever the colonists! My point of this rant was ask if the Australian Lighthorsemen were ever given their due for the part they played in the liberation of what was then Palestine from the Ottoman Empire.


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