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The knives are out: just connect the dots

Regardless of whether people in Israel what to admit it or not, there is a conspiracy going in surrounding the media in this country. And it's not coincidental, it’s manipulated.

Am I seeing “reds under the bed”, you bet your life I am? Just look at the evidence.

It’s no secret that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has no liking for the mainstream media in Israel. Following the Trump playbook, the media is full of “fake news”, downplays his achievements, makes mountains out of molehills (so what if he received a few cigars form a friend), has a witchhunt against his wife. The list goes on and on. And then, of course, we have Yair, the “boy wonder” and his rages against his father, Benjamin Netanyahu. Add to this Benjamin Netanyahu’s paranoia of the media; “they are all out to get me”. To quote the late Mandy Rice-Davis “well he would, wouldn't he”.

Put all this together, start connecting the dots. We stand on the brink of the decimation of the Fourth Estate in Israel.

No doubt people will say I am crazy. So what’s new. Just look at the facts.

“Prominent diplomatic correspondent, a Netanyahu critic, loses his TV job”

“Barak Ravid among nearly 40 people who received dismissal letters from Channel 13, which says it is dealing with a financial streamlining process”

Barak Ravid, an award-winning, highly acclaimed journalist, and critic of Netanyahu, is suddenly dismissed. The reason given by the station is “poor professional results”. What a load of B.S.

What of the other 39 dismissals, what reason are they given? Maybe the Channel is in financial disorder and the firing is legitimate, if not regretful, with Ravid bundled into the group in the hope that no one would notice.

Now we come to the “boy wonder” Yair Netanyahu. I’ve never been able to work out what he does, where does he work, does he work in the regular sense of the word or does he get by on the “bank of mom & dad” i.e. the taxpayers of Israel. His he simply sponging off the state?

Take this recent article: "Yair Netanyahu takes center stage — on social media and in corruption sagas”

“Prime minister’s combative son creates news cycles with online attacks on police, media, the judiciary; supporters claim he is victim of the same people they say attack his father”

The articles fourth paragraph reads: "But his toughest broadsides have been directed at the Israeli media, judiciary and law enforcement for conducting what he has called a leftist, ideological crusade to topple his father. He’s called for the attorney general to be investigated for his “crimes,” compared the police chief to fictional mob boss Tony Soprano, and described investigators as the Stasi, Gestapo and “the political police of the Israeli junta.”

We can, of course, pity this poor deluded young man who is so tarnished and blinded by his parents hate and obsessions, so out of touch with reality, that he has lost all understanding of the world around him.

I am struggling to write a short story entitled 2022. Netanyahu has sized power, made himself president for life, and abolished the Knesset. The country is governed by “Martial Law ”. The media has been closed down, and what is left is governed by the iron fist of Minister Miri Regev.

The police and all internal security forces under the control of Yair Netanyahu and his 3S force (State Security Service).

Far fetched, I hope so.

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