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The ‘Golda’ goes to Keren Kadosh of Café Kadosh, Jerusalem

It’s been a while since I last awarded a Golda, so it’s time to rectify that shortcoming.

This time around the Golda goes to Keren Kadosh of Café Kadosh, Jerusalem for standing up to the bullyboys of the Jerusalem Rabbinate’s kosher inspectors. And for switching to the Tzohar organization.

“Cafe Kadosh moves to Tzohar kashrut after ‘illogical’ demands of the rabbinate.” “Cafe Kadosh, located in downtown Jerusalem, decided to leave their Jerusalem rabbinate supervision earlier this year following demands that the establishment put dairy labels on all display items.”

My views on religion are well known to those who read this site, there is no need to reiterate my feelings.

It’s no secret nor should it come as a surprise to anyone that the kosher inspectors rely on their bullyboy tactics of intimidation and threat to get their way.

As Helen Gamble has observed in the past “this is what happens when you have people who are too stupid, brain-dead little men, unable to think for themselves”. OK, so maybe that is going a shade too far, but these inspectors are in contempt of any moral standing. Had they even an ounce of gumption, common sense, they would realize that move is achieved by respectful discussion, gentle negotiation, and common goodwill.

The problem is that brain-dead bullies don’t embrace any of the above virtues. They are by definition ‘heavies’ sent by others to carry out their boss's bidding.

The news article needs to be read to understand the depths of depravity the Jerusalem rabbinate has sunk.

All power to Keren and Itzik Kadosh.

May they prove an inspiration to others to follow their path and cock a snook (the old five-finger salute) at the corrupt kosher inspector's division.


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