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The Brilliance that is Bezalel Smotrich

Former IDF chief of staff Gadi Eisenkot, number three in the new center-right National Unity party, headed by Gantz and Sa’ar, a few days ago targeted settler activists and supporters who advocate building settlements “everywhere” in the West Bank. In his opinion, their activities will lead Israel to “disaster.”

“Eisenkot slams settler agenda, putting him at odds with own party’s right-wing flank” “In rare revelation of stance on a controversial issue, former IDF chief backs dismantling illegal Homesh outpost, pans far-right lawmakers leading Israel to ‘disaster’”

Naturally enough, Bezalel Smotrich, a prime example of the “all hat and no cattle” approach, the head of the far-right Religious Zionism party, slammed Eisenkot for his remarks, saying that the former IDF chief was expressing left-wing political views, even though he is a member of a center-right party.

“If it walks like the left and smells like the left and quacks like the left, then it is the left (even if Gantz and Eisenkot wrapped their left in some right-wing and religious fig leaves to steal the hearts of right-wing people and transfer votes from the right to the left),” Smotrich tweeted.

How profound.

Of course, the same applies to Smotrich and his band of merry men.

“If it walks like a “fasci” and smells like a “fasci” and quacks like a “fasci”, then it is a “fasci”.

FYI, the original meaning of the term fasci comes from Sicilian socialists in the 1890s. The term was late picked up by Mussolini and later by Hilter (and others) to describe their ultra-nationalistic forms of government and the repression that accompanied it.

Should Smotrich, Ben Gvir, Moaz, and their repugnant ilk get their way, Israel will be doomed to an ultra-nationalist government, where all forms of democracy are thrown out of the window and where thought and deed that does not comply with these fiends' perverted beliefs are vigorously repressed.

It occurred to me that they see themselves as some form of demigods. Is that blasphemous?

It would appear that Ben Gvir has a cheerleader in Miki Zohar.

“Netanyahu ally: ‘I’d do everything to include extremist Ben Gvir in government” “Likud MK Miki Zohar defends controversial far-right MK but says he’ll need to ‘adjust’ to Likud party; Otzma Yehudit leader praises racist rabbi Kahane as ‘hero’”

What is Zohar’s end game?

Being the poodle he is, it is unlikely he made this utterance without the prior approval of the King, Queen, or Crown Prince. So to what end?

I find it hard to believe that moderate center/right Likud supporters would relish the idea of Smotrich, and Ben Gvir in government, should of course BooBoo manage to knobble together a collation. Others may be repulsed by the idea of Smotrich, and Ben Gvir and switch their support to Gantz and Sa’ar.

Here's a thought, maybe Zohar is a fifth columnist and is out to undermine BooBoo and the Likud in favor of Gantz and Sa’ar. WOW, that would be something.

Talking of Gantz, the “man who would be king”, the following two articles are most telling.

“Gantz launches Prime Minister bid in festive event” “The National Unity party launched its election campaign and published the party's list to the Knesset.”


“Israel doesn't need another party that idolizes one man – analysis” “The National Unity party's slogan and banner treat him similarly to the way the Likud treats Benjamin Netanyahu.”

Is the “man who would be king” shaping up to be BooBoo MKII?

You decide. I wonder how Gideon Sa’ar views this spectacle of near cult worship?

Regarding BooBoo, this story caught my eye.

“Likud employees claim they were asked to pay for Netanyahu, sue party – report” “They were allegedly asked to purchase items for the party's head, Israeli opposition head Benjamin Netanyahu, out of their own pockets.”

I have to assume that there is a certain truth to the story, I can’t see the JPost publishing the piece without first checking the facts.

And if true, it’s par for the course for BooBoo his Queen and Crown Prince.

Poor us.


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