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Telling the Truth

Yesterday, I referred to Litzman and Deri and their cohorts as whores willing to dance to anyone’s tune as long as they are paid sufficient amounts of money.

Poor choice of words, maybe, but there is truth in the statement.

Yesterday, two IDF soldiers while distributing food suppliers in the ultra-Orthodox Mea Shearim neighborhood of Jerusalem throw rocks at them. Later, dozens of residents took part in a protest and eight of them were arrested.

The troops, according to media reports, were not injured, though some damage was caused to the vehicle they were driving, with the car windshield smashed by the rocks.

“Police forces are conducting searches to find the suspects,” police said in a statement, adding that rocks, eggs, and other objects were thrown at the troops as they drove through the neighborhood, police said.

In a statement, Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi denounced the attack on the troops.

“This was a violent, criminal act, which deserves total condemnation. The fact that IDF soldiers who were assisting the local government and citizens distribute food were violently attacked by residents of Mea Shearim is very serious and requires denunciation, thorough treatment, and soul-searching,” Kohavi said.

“The IDF will continue to assist in the national effort as much as it is asked,” he added.

While hundreds of ultra-Orthodox extremists, residents of Beit Shemesh, have held protests against the government’s coronavirus restrictions that have kept synagogues and yeshiva study halls closed, with some even donning yellow Stars of David.

Given that in both incidents the overall number of demonstrators were small and they are members of fringe groups, the rule of law applies to all that choose to live in Israel: Jew, Arab, secular, religious.

And despite the unthinkable, the raising of hands against IDF soldiers by a Jew, neither Litzman or Deri have spoken out, uttered a word of criticism against the demonstrators or for that matter a word of praise to the IDF.

So yes, maybe my wording was not respectful, but the truth is, neither are either of these “gentlemen” or their followers.

Any man, woman, youth, child that raising a hand or utters threats against the IDF, the police, fire or paramedic personal, are raising a hand, making a threat against the whole of Israel.

You live in Israel, you adhere to the law of the land. You don’t like, then get the hell out of Dodge!

Again, I know it’s a small faction, but enough is enough.

(I wonder what the reaction is of Miri Regev who is slated to take over the internal security portfolio in the next government?)

Litzman, Deri where are your voices, where is your condemnation?

A stony silence.


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