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Suppose They Gave a War and Nobody Came

Regular readers of my rants will know that I often search for and then use wacky headlines to both grab attention as well as sticking it to members of the tight-arse club.

I could just as easily use the headline “Power to the People” and show a photo of Citizen Smith.

The headline “Suppose They Gave …………………” comes from a 1970 American comedy/drama.

Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi, IDF Chief of the General Staff said this past Sunday that reservists “don’t have the right” to refuse to show up for duty, amid heightened security tensions and threats by members of the army reserves to stop serving in response to the government’s plans to overhaul the judiciary.

“IDF chief Halevi says reservists ‘don’t have the right’ to refuse to show up for duty” “With renewed threats by reserve soldiers over judicial overhaul, military chief says IDF must remain ready amid heightened tensions across region”

Here is the problem as I see it.

While the IDF CoS is spot-on in his comments, he has overlooked the fact the reservists are part of the ‘people’s army’. Many are highly educated professionals in a range of disciplines. As civilians, they see how Israel is being raped by the ultra-rightwing loonies in Jerusalem. They can affirm that the lunatics are running the asylum.

And they can see firsthand that PM Benjamin Netanyahu has been abducted by Ben Gvir, Smotrich, and the rest of the loony ultra-rightwing and reduced to a puppet.

They pull the strings and like a marionette, Benjamin Netanyahu dances to their tune.

There is another side to this story, why should the reservists, and others in the army – both conscripts and regulars – put their lives on the line when so many of the Haredim evade the army or other forms of national service?

From the figures, I have found recently online, approximately 145,000 male Haredim study in Yeshovot and draw a salary for doing so.

The puppet masters of the Haredim are happy to send others out to fight their battles while they stay safe and sound in their ghettos.

It’s no wonder that with the combination of these parasites and the ultra-rightwing loonies, reservists are prepared not to report for duty.

While Israel’s PR/information drive must be improved, the biggest obstacle to Israel’s positive persona is Benjamin Netanyahu himself.

In days gone by, Israel was perceived as the underdog, and most people by default root for the underdog.

Israel was also blessed with prime ministers/leaders who had struggled with adversity, who were challenged daily to keep Israel afloat, and who openly displayed humility and humanity.

People like Begin, Shamir, Rabin, Peres, Sharon, and of course Golda.

Unfortunately, Netanyahu’s Israel is seen by many Jews and non-Jews across the world as a bully, to some a tyrant, no longer the underdog.

Netanyahu’s great friend, Victor Orban of Hungary is maybe showing the ultra-rightwing loonies a glimpse of the future for Israeli government employees who choose to criticize their employer.

Hungary braced for a wave of teacher resignations after Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s legislators approved a new law that educators see as a crackdown following years of anti-government protests.

See below for the headline and full article:

“Hungary Braces for Teacher Exodus After ‘Vengeance’ Law Approved”

While banks in Israel for the present stay impartial, the day may come when pressured by a dictatorial government, they follow the path of banks in the UK, and deny customers service due to their political views.

“UK probes allegations banks blacklisting clients over political views”

For the fallen of Israel not to be forgotten, we MUST be their voice and stop this government from plundering the wealth of the country.


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