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Stupid is as Stupid Does

The above phrase was famously featured in the 1994 American comedy-drama film Forrest Gump starring Tom Hanks.

The other day, I had a cheerful yet meaningless discussion. The subject under debate was who from the Smotrich, Ben Gvir camp was the most obnoxious individual.

Difficult question.

The winner, by a short head, as they say in horse racing cycles, was Avi Moaz. Although in the case of Moaz maybe I should say by ‘big head’. I’ll come back to Moaz and the reason he tops our straw poll.

National Missions Minister Orit Strock came joint second with Ben Gvir.

If any reader can explain to me what exactly the minister of National Missions is meant to do, I’d be most grateful. From what I have read online in English, a component secretary could handle the workload.

It was pointed out to me while discussing Orit Strock that she was the founding chairwoman of the Human Rights Organization of Judea and Samaria (that’s the West Bank or the occupied territories, depending on your political leanings). Interestingly, her son, Zvi, previously received a 2.5-year sentence for kidnapping and abusing a Palestinian boy. I guess for this loathsome individual Human Rights do not extend to Palestinians, the LGBTQIA+ community, or others who do not agree/adhere to her view of Judaism.

“Far-right MK says doctors could deny treatment on religious grounds, sparking uproar” “Netanyahu condemns comments by Religious Zionism MK Orit Strock, who is set to be a minister in his government, vows that Likud will not allow discrimination against LGBT community”

The potbellied, loudmouth, gunslinging Ben Gvir as I wrote above came joint second with Strock.

What more can I write about this boor, this lout who is an embarrassment to the State of Israel. It’s beyond belief how King BiBi stomachs this oaf. Just maybe BiBi is giving Ben Gvir enough rope to hang himself, figuratively of course.

A recent Opinion piece in the Haaretz newspaper underlines Ben Gvir's shortcomings for office, any office including as they say in the States, community dog catcher.

Alongside Ben Gvir we nominated Limor Son Har-Melech.

Setting aside the loss of her first husband to gunmen from the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, a terrorist organization described as the military wing of the Palestinian political party Fatah, we found her abhorrent response to the security forces carrying out a court order intolerable.

“MK files complaint against police for alleged sexual assault during West Bank fracas”

We awarded a dishonorable mention to another repugnant individual; Almog Cohen.

It’s beyond me to understand how a supposedly religious person can sink this low. And yet, here are two recent examples showing clearly that this non-entity slimeball is beyond the pale.

“Coalition MK calls Palestinians ‘Palestinazis,’ urges TikTok ban in East Jerusalem” “As Itamar Ben Gvir’s far-right Otzma Yehudit reiterates disappointment with government’s policies, faction MK Almog Cohen says Palestinians have ‘Nazi culture,’ urges harsh steps”

It’s as plain as day that this uneducated dipstick, who I suspect never studied European history has no idea of the true meaning of the word ‘fascist’ and thereby the word ‘Nazi’.

“‘They’re inhuman’: Far-right MK likens Arab party MKs to sheep, refuses to apologize” “Otzma Yehudit’s Almog Cohen films himself in Knesset making racist comments about Hadash-Ta’al MKs, saying people should ‘talk to them in a language they understand’”

Cohen’s ‘inhuman’ statement echoes the rhetoric of Hitler’s Germany against Jews, gypsies, and others that the Nazis considered subhuman. Well done Almog Cohen. You have just proved what a shithead you are.

And so we return to the demon ‘witchfinder general’, Avi Maoz.

Like the real-life witchfinder general, Matthew Hopkins, Moaz has set himself the goal of crushing all aspects of Judaism that do not conform to his views.

The question is, who the fuck does he think he is? He alone knows and understands what is true. What bullshit. For someone of his supposed intelligence, the man is dumb, Does he not know that Jews come in all colors? Who is he to decide whether it's his way or the highway? The truth is that he just does not want to know or understand. Asshole.

“Far-right MK Maoz: Forms of ‘liberal religion’ are ‘darkness’ that must be expelled” “Knesset comments by Maoz, who is set to assume control of some aspects of school curricula and a new ‘Jewish identity’ office, spark anger and booing in plenum”

Amongst the many revulsions Moaz has, he singles out the gay community. I wonder what his take is on Yair Cherki, an Orthodox Israeli journalist who recently came out as gay.

“Prominent Orthodox Israeli journalist Yair Cherki comes out as gay” “‘I tremble as I write these words,’ Channel 12 religious affairs reporter writes in a Facebook post that quickly goes viral; ‘I love men and God, and this isn’t contradictory’”

And how will this intolerable man react to the TV show on Dana International?

“Dana International shows & tells nearly all in docu-reality TV” “The groundbreaking transgender singer reveals her personal life in ‘Viva La Diva,’ a new series from Yes Studios”

Having completed the above rant earlier, I came across the following disturbing story which occurred recently in my hometown.

“Cafe owners who protested legal shakeup return to sign with Jewish terror group logo” “After notifying customers they’d be closed to attend Jerusalem protest, Cafe Israela owners return to find flier bearing Kach logo and urging boycott of eatery”

The following is reproduced from the article:

“Roni Dori, a friend of the couple, publicized the incident in a Facebook post.” “I don’t want to write what this reminded me of. Any person with a brain and eyes can see and understand,” she said, ostensibly referring to the Nazis’ boycott of Jewish shops in Germany in 1933, and to the resemblance of the Kach logo to the yellow star used at the time to mark Jewish establishments.”

In my opinion, no more needs to be said. These vile people are a disgrace to Israel and Judaism.

It is no wonder that the above along with the antics of Moaz, Ben Gvir, Cohen, and Co., and the rest of the ultra-orthodox band have resulted in a loss of confidence in the Chief Rabbi’s office.

“As Jewish Israelis lose trust, fewer are marrying through the Rabbinate” “The number of Jews registering weddings with the state body has decreased since 2011, even as the population has grown by more than 20%, religious advocacy group finds”

No doubt some are asking why Bezalel Smotrich does not feature in this rant.

Simply put, it was felt that Smotrich, while a slimeball per excellence, that his intelligence precludes him from the list. It was hoped that Smotrich would one day have an epiphany moment and come to realize that his drive could be better used in serving all of Israel not just his distorted vision. Some hopes, you say.

To finish, three related quotes:

“'Patriotism' is the last refuge of a scandalous government” “What has passed for patriotism for too long in this country is, in fact, chauvinism: an attitude that defines itself by who it excludes, rather than who it brings together. It is a bullying sect that is devoid of love, of affection, or kindness to fellow citizens. It is, as Oscar Wilde is said to have remarked, “the most insincere form of self-conceit”.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke, Irish statesman, 1729/1797

"Power to the People" Wolfie Smith


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