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Stop the world I want to get off!

OK, so not literally.

I’ve reached a point that I just need to rant and rave at the looney left and their brothers-in-arms that support and drive the PC brigade, Simply had enough of them – I don’t want to be PC.

Certainly I am all for tolerance and goodwill to all, I don’t want to see/hear people called names, shamed because of their weight or other physical issues or their sexual preferences/lifestyle. Be civil when you disagree. These were the basics of decent behavior that we were taught. But give me a break, the PC brigade is pushing society into a neo-Victorian world of morality.

Given the current wave of crime in the UK, in some respects, a return to Victorian values may be just what is required.

The problem as I see it is what the PC brigade just doesn’t know when to stop.

Take a few recent examples: - A UK school has decreed that all pupils must wear trousers – both girls and boys – this is to make transgender pupils feel more comfortable with the school environment. - A school in the US has banned the words “Easter” and “Christmas” as not to offend its Muslim students. The Muslim students are however free to mention their religious holidays / holy days! The same school it was reported had early banned all pork-related products from school menus as not to offend Muslim students. The school did not think in the past about their Jewish students. - And what about this nonsense about banning the movie Zulu as its shows the British to be aggressors in the South African Anglo-Zulu Wars.

The PC brigade, if they have their way will wipe Rorke's Drift from the history books.

Mind you, this is what they are trying to do to Winston Churchill, Arthur Harris, and countless other WWII heroes, who, because of their tenacity, the PC brigade is today able to pursue their actions.

I read recently that the BBC for example, in its heyday produced such classic comedies as “Till Death Us Do Part”, “Monty Python”, “Fawlty Towers”, “Steptoe and Son”, “The Two Ronnies”, “Are You Being Served”. The list goes on and on – can no longer commission/produce cutting-edge comedy because the PC brigade will object. What a shame!

I’m grateful that I live in Israel and not the UK. At least here while there are PC brigadiers, the country is still sensible enough to not let them take control, tarnish the memory of past heroes or dictate what is morally acceptable. (And before someone responds with “what about the Haredim”, despite what is written and various incidents, for the most part, they live their lives and we live ours – rarely do the two clash.


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