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Still playing the blame name: it’s not me, it’s him

Ben-Dror Yemini’s recent opinion piece, “Netanyahu and Gantz should grow up” first published in English on March 10, 2020, is a must-read!

And here we are many days later and we appear to be no further forward in the establishment of a national unity government, each side continues to lay blame for the failure at the other’s door.

It’s hard to grasp how three former IDF chiefs of staff fail to respond to Benjamin Netanyahu’s war cry, for as the prime minister stated in his address last night, Israel is at war with the coronavirus.

And yet we read this morning that Blue and White No. 3 Moshe Ya’alon, a former IDF chief of staff, former minister of defense, a man who is more comfortable with a right-wing government is “accusing the prime minister of exploiting the outbreak for personal political needs, suggesting that the measures were being introduced in order to push off Netanyahu’s corruption trial, which is set to begin on Tuesday”.

It would appear that Moshe Ya’alon together with the other Three Horsemen has lost the plot. They are so hell-bent on the removal of Netanyahu at any cost that in this time of “war” they have shown once again that Gantz’s “Israel First” call is nothing but a porky!

No doubt the invasive monitoring technology that Netanyahu wishes to introduce to help fight the coronavirus does smack of Erdogan’s Turkey, maybe Putin’s Russia, Kim Jong-un’s North Korea to name just three countries that may use the technology. Rather than the negative, think of the positive?

We are at war, the legal system will shutdown, the opening of Netanyahu’s trial will be delayed, big deal. Right now there are far more important matters to deal with.

Mr. Ya’alon, you don’t like the suggested technology, join a unity government and fight your corner from within!

The Four Horsemen appear to be so driven with Netanyahu’s removal that they blinded to all other concerns.

Don’t’ wait on the phone call, don’t wait for the other side to make the first move, show the country that you are bigger than petty issues, now is the time for a united front to move forward and beat the coronavirus.

If the Four Horsemen don’t step up to the plate, if they don’t get their act together and cease their ridiculous posturing, they will not be forgiven come the next election.

Unite Now.


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