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Steven’s Car Rental, Cyprus: Excellent, Friendly Service

Renting a car seems always fraught with minefields, usually about insurance coverage and a range of extras.

Having spent days looking for and trying to understand the options available to us when renting a car at Larnaca Airport, Cyprus from both the major international companies and homegrown operators, I selected to rent from a local company recommended on Trip Advisor; Steven’s Car Rental - I am delighted that I did.

Steven’s Car Rental offers all-inclusive rates – no hidden extras. So often when renting a car from multi-nationals, the base price looks acceptable, then come all the extras which, in most cases doubles the base price.

We rented a Honda Jazz automatic, for an all-inclusive rate. The car handled well both on highways and in more hilly areas. And, throughout our rental Steven’s was just a phone call away.

The service offered us was above and beyond the mediocre norm which seems to be the default standard these days. Whether renting a car, shopping in a store, or any form of personal interaction with a service person, we have the right to expect a certain level of service. All too often I find myself having to apologize to service personnel for interrupting their focus on their cellphone. Many times the response from them is far from polite.

What made the rental experience outstanding was rather than on completion of the paperwork having the keys tossed at me and pointed in the general direction of the car park, which is often the norm, we were accompanied to the car which was parked just outside the airport Departures terminal.

It can be argued that the Steven’s representative was just doing his job – and this is a valid claim – however, his positive attitude and that of his colleague, from start to finish enhanced my Steven’s experience.

If you are flying into Larnaca Airport and looking to rent a car, Steven’s Car Rental must be your first choice. We were not disappointed, you will not be either.


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