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Shout Out – WixArt

Allow me to give an almighty and hearty Shout Out to Ofer at WixArt, the designer of my blog site.

Having in late Spring 2019 finally taken the plunge and deleted once and for all my Facebook account, I looked around for a suitable venue which would allow me to rant, rave and post my non-PC ramblings.

I tried to set up blog sites with various platforms and despite the easy step site guides, was never successful. Returning to the Wix site, I contacted a number of Wix approved studios for a proposal to build a blog site. Although I received a number of responses, Ofer’s was the only one that actually asked meaningful questions, which set him aside from the others. The fact that he is based in Israel was also for me a factor. It quickly became clear to me that WixArt would be my studio of choice.

From the beginning interacting with Ofer was a pure joy. Demonstrating his professionalism with patience and humor, Ofer’s direction and recommendations proved spot-on. My single regret is that I have only now in retirement met Ofer; I would have welcomed the opportunity to work with WixArt during my marketing career.

Thank you, Ofer.


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