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Shout Out: Kajol Lavan Travel, Baro, Ecuador

It’s easy to forget to say ‘thank you’.

When things go wrong with a service or supplier, we tend to want to shout the news from the rooftops, write an email, make phone calls, post scathing reviews to websites and forums. And rightly so.

But, what happens when the reverse is the case, when we receive outstanding service and support? When a supplier goes beyond the standard we expect, do we then shout the news from the rooftops, do we sing their praises? Sadly, the customary answer is no. It’s easy to forget to say ‘thank you’.

For me, Itai Peleg of Kajol Lavan Travel illustrates the difference between a run-of-the-mill travel agent and someone who genuinely cares about his/her clients and their vacation needs.

We first made contact with Kajol Lavan close to a year ago, following several recommendations regarding the excellent service received from Itai that were posted to travel-related websites. We were not disappointed that we did.

From the outset, whether communicating via WhatsApp text, voice or by email, - Itai responded promptly to all - we felt that we found an agent that cared deeply and strove to provide the very best of service. Itai was sensitive to our needs, a source of ideas and suggestions and, it seemed, a bottomless pit of patience. Regardless of our chopping and changing of requirements, questions, and more questions, he never once displaced any sense of being uneasy with our repeated communications.

Eventually, after much toing and froing on our part, we made a booking with Itai for an eight-day Galapagos Islands cruise, based on his recommendation, with internal flights to/from the islands. We could not wait for the adventure to begin.

Thought-out the booking procedure, including the transfer of funds, Itai explained clearly the date milestones for payment and the receipt of the travel vouchers.

That we never made it to Ecuador due to the outbreak of COVID-19, is no fault of Kajol Lavan.

If you are thinking about Ecuador/the Galapagos Islands as a future vacation destination, I heartily suggest contacting Itai Peleg, he is a pleasure to work with.


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