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Shout Out: Hummus Alsham, Wadi Nisnas, Haifa

While I enjoy basic “hummus-bi-tahini” (regular hummus with tahini), its the “Hummus-Ful” combination, Hummus (chickpeas) and Ful (fava beans) combination that I go for.

I am not talking about supermarket hummus, packed with preservatives and who knows what else. For me, real hummus can only be found at eateries that specialize in this most local of fast foods.

One such eatery is Alsham in the Wadi Nisnas market in Haifa.

Having enjoyed a pleasant stroll around the Wadi Nisnas food market and made a number of purchases, it was time to indulge my taste buds. I noticed Hummus Alsham earlier in my wanderings and was delighted that I found my way back to their door.

A small shop front opens into an inside seating area with half-a-dozen tables and a minuscule open kitchen which, from my corner table seat, looked spotless. I am a fan of open kitchens; they help ensure that food handle and hygiene are tiptop and they provide excellent entertainment for those customers who are waiting for their orders to be served and have a view of the kitchen.

I am also a great believer that an eateries restroom is a true reflection of the standards to be found in an establishment. The small single bathroom was clean, well lit, with toilet paper, paper handtowels, soap and hot water.

There is nothing pretentious about Alsham. What they serve is fresh, well-presented hummous dishes, made on the premises, salads prepared to order (with or without onions), French Fries cooked to order (yes, they are frozen but as I saw each order of froes are cooked on the spot and then salted prior to serving).

The hummus and ful (fava beans) served with fresh pitta, a plate of onions, tomatao, and pickles was excellent. So much so that I wiped my plate clean and was seriously contemplating ordering another serving. I did not but did purchase half a kilo of hummus to take home.

Take the time to visit Hummus Alsham, 21 Wadi Street, Haifa.


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