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Shout Out – Ad Levi, Kia Authorized Service Center, Kfar Saba

A big thank you to Adam and all the team – both front office and service center – for an ongoing exceptional standard of service.

I originally purchased a Kai Picanto on the advice on a colleague. I was told at the time that not only was Kia a reliable brand, that the Kfar Saba service center was one of the best in the country.

Subsequently six years later when it came to selling the Picanto, I knew that I wanted another Kia.

After taking advice from various people including an Ad Levi staff member, I opted for a 2016 Kia Sportage Urban.

In addition to servicing the Sportage shortly after I purchased, the vehicle was back this week in the body shop following a shunt in a local supermarket car park – another driver backed into me causing damage to the front spoiler.

Friends have told me that I could, given the Sportage is not new, saved a considerable amount of money by taking the car to one of the many (Arab village) garages in the area. While I am of course interested in saving money/getting value for my money, my safety and that of my partner and all who ride in the car is of utmost importance. It is, therefore, my number one priority to ensure that the car is serviced by professionals trained to handle Kia vechiles and that I know that new/genuine Kia spares are being used in repairs and servicing. Peace of mind is critically important.

I also appreciate the fact that all work is inspected and checked, that cars are test driven by qualified Ad Levi/Kia team mebers following completion of work to ensure all is in order. Tyre air pressure checked and has happened a couple of times the car is returned washed as well. A much-appreciated gesture.

Add to the fact that Ad Levi will also arrange a rental car if required rounds off a truly wonderful service package.

Well done to all the Ad Levi Kai team.

It’s a pleasure to be counted amongst your satisfied clients.


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