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Playing the Blame Game: it's not me guv, it's him!

I have been taken to task for implying that some of the 120 members of The Knesset, Israel’s Parliament are wallies.

My antagonist suggested that I was being discourteous, demeaning to members and not particularly PC. As for the PC part, I really don’t give a fig; if the snowflakes amongst us can’t understand the real world, I suggest they stick their heads back in the sand. As for discourteous, demeaning to some members, my response is: since when is telling the truth a crime.?

However, in the spirit of compromise, I will refrain from calling those members wallies. In fact, they are not wallies, we are, the people of Israel who keep sending them back to Jerusalem. They, again not all, defecate on us and rather than we rise up with rage and challenge them, we simply say “thank you, please may I have more”. Yes, we the people of Israel are the wallies.

Instead, maybe we should refer to selected members of that august body by another title. Many should be drag into court and charge with high crimes and misdemeanors for they certainly appear to have forgotten their oaths of office.

Can we say they are guilty of dereliction of duty? Have they brought the reputation of the State of Israel and its citizens into disrepute? Arguably. Yes.

It is painful to point a finger at three former IDF Chief of Staff, one also a former minister of defense, another a former director-general of the ministry of defense, and yet on the face of it, they have, with others on all side of the Knesset, been derelict in their duty. Something that, when they were in uniform, they would not have allowed from their subordinates. And yet here in the Knesset, it appears to be acceptable.

Early today Arie Deri, Israel’s minister of the interior spoke on the radio. He was more than happy to play the Blame Game. His repeated mantra was that it’s the fault of Lapid and Lieberman, he Deri, is the good guy, they are the bad guys. Had Deri had one once of decency, he would have thrown his hands in the air (figuratively speaking) and announced that he, as a senior member of the cabinet, accepts collective responsibility and could have done more, should have done more to avoid a second and now a third election. But why should he? It’s not his money. So what if people don’t have beds in a hospital, schools need extra classrooms, teachers; the list goes. Deri has his plush office, a car, a driver thanks to Bibi and the tens of thousands of Shas supporters who vote of Deri at the behest of a rabbi. He’s alright Jack. And of course, Arie Deri is not alone. Other cabinet members, regardless of party, are equally at fault.

Senior members of both the Likud and Blue & White should have been, following the first election, locked in a room, the key thrown away and the door only opened when white smoke appeared to signify a resolution.

But of course, with the egos of all involved, it's easier to play the Blame Game.

I often wonder what, if certain members were not in the Knesset, they would do to make ends meet. Many it would seem, despite university degrees, would not cut it in the real world. Better to fight, use spin and other means and secure a place in Jerusalem and be set up on the gravy train for life.

Yes, we the good citizens of Israel are the wallies for allowing this to happen. For allowing OUR servants, for that is what they are; we pay their salaries, cover their expenses and perks while they treat us like morons and continue at our expense to play the Blame Game.


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