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Obnoxious is the New Norm

For those amongst my many millions of followers who do not understand the meaning of the word “obnoxious”, check out this link

In simple English, someone who is obnoxious could be said to be highly offensive.

For example, I offer the Unholy Trinity of Benjamin Netanyahu, Itamar Ben Gvir, and Bezalel Smotrich. Add to them “she who must be obeyed”, the Boy Wonder and the former Israel Hayom editor Boaz Bismuth.

Borrowing a catchphrase from Bill O'Reilly, Bismuth has probably been drinking far too much “Kool-Aid”. How else can you explain why a highly intelligent man comes out with the statement “Netanyahu is the greatest statesman in the world”.

David Horovitz, the founding editor of The Times of Israel, has once again written a thought-provoking OP-ED piece on the obnoxious Itamar Ben Gvir.

“Beware Itamar Ben Gvir, rising far-right star with a destructive vision for Israel” “From the cabinet seat he’d be assured if Netanyahu regains power, this election’s high-flyer would advance a Kahanist push for an Israel neither democratic nor authentically Jewish”

And of course, it is not just this obnoxious individual, let’s not forget his repugnant cohorts in Lehava and Noam affiliations which are part of Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power). (Jewish Power, has a far-right fascist ring to it.)

I don’t want to give any more space to the dregs of Lehava and Noam. Should readers be so included, they are welcome to ask Dr. Google about these micro-brained, nincompoop ultra-right-wing fascists that would drag a democratic Israel into the dark ages, given half the chance.

In closing this part of my rant, I wish to draw readers' attention to two comments posted by TOI readers that appear at the end of David Horovitz’s OP-ED piece:

“Future historians who write about Bibi's legacy will consider Ben Gvir as the prime example of Bibi's destruction of Israeli society in his effort to stay in power forever.” michbg

“Thank you David Horovitz. Ben Gvir is a thoroughly evil man. His continuing rise in power is a catastrophe for Israel and Bibi’s encouragement of him tells you everything you need to know about Bibi’s moral bankruptcy”. jk

Israel is on a slippy downward slide. The answer is not the Unholy Trinity but rather the embracing of democracy across the nation. It is not too late if we act now against these moronic neo-fascists.

As Horovitz wrote at the end of the OP-ED piece “Beware


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