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"Not-so-smartphones: Texting and scrolling on touchscreens has sent pedestrian injuries soaring by 800% and almost HALF of us are distracted while crossing the road, scientists warns.” From today’s London Daily Mail

A few years ago I remember reading that in Israel there was a move to ban/fine people for using smartphones/ using headphones/earplugs to listen to music when crossing roads.

I really thought what a granny state the country has become that legislation is needed to curb people joining their freedom.

While I am still of that opinion, I am shocked and dismayed at the blatant disregard people have when crossing the road while using a smartphone or with headphones/earplugs. They are totally lost in a world of their own. How many times have I had people simply step off the sidewalk without looking; even at traffic lights or designated crossing. Zero sightings of cars or other traffic. Crazy! And of course, there is never a policeman around.

So yes, while I don’t want to live in a granny state, something needs to be done.

Mind you, as we are still waiting for legislation to curb the riding of adult bikes and E-bikes on our sidewalks, it is I suspect going to take a long while.

Maybe it’s a case of education?


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