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No Representation Without Participation

For the fallen of Israel not to be forgotten, we MUST be their voice and stop this Kakistocracy government from plundering the wealth of the country.

I had assumed that I had reached an age and a stage where nothing could shock me. How wrong.

The Prime Minister of Israel, of whom I am not a fan, via the media makes a plea for Israeli citizens not to travel to Ukraine. A travel warning with sound advice; you would think so?

And yet behold United Torah Judaism MK Yisrael Eichler who screams blue murder at Netanyahu for daring to sound an alarm. See the full story below.

The educational-challenged Eichler blames ‘the Zionists’ for the suffering of Jews during the Holocaust.

I appreciate that this moron, this nincompoop, this blockhead, this simpleton lives in a physical and mental ghetto where he is brainwashed and in turn brainwashers the following generations, but surely not he can believe his rhetoric?

Should Israeli citizens travel to Ukraine and security complications arise, Eichler no doubt will be amongst the first screaming for the State to go to their rescue.

“Haredim slam Netanyahu for ‘heresy’ against God in Ukraine comment; MK blasts Zionism” “In apparent coalition crisis after remark that God ‘hasn’t always protected us’ in Europe and Ukraine, UTJ MK pans PM’s ‘ignorance,’ blames Zionists for suffering during Holocaust”

Why don’t Eichler and the rest of his indoctrinated cohorts, who hate secular Zionism and presumably by default the modern State of Israel, take a leaf out of the book of the Neturei Karta and simply go on their way?

The answer is simple, they hate with a vengeance secular Zionism but are happy to take the money thrown at them year after year for doing nothing.

While not wishing to tar all Haridim with the same brush, the majority come across as schnorrers happily prostituting off the State which they ridicule.

Enough is enough.

All Israeli citizens have the same rights, obligations, and duties (such as paying taxes, serving in the military, or performing national service) regardless of their ethnic background, religious obversion, or where they live.

The Haridi community of Israel for the most part does not want or wish to be part of a vibrant, flourishing, and democratic Israel. It’s their choice to opt out of this privilege.

But by opting out, by not wanting or refusing their moral, ethical, and legal obligations to the State of Israel as a citizen of the country, they are declaring UDI – Unilateral Declaration of Independence – from the nation and merit nothing less than to be disfranchised.

Let them live in their physical and mental ghettoes if that is what they wish. But in doing so, they refute a democratic Israel and all that it stands for and continually strives to achieve.

The Haridim must understand that there can be no Representation Without Participation.

It’s all or nothing. There are no halfway measures.

The Hardim can not continue to take money from the State and give nothing back.

In May 1765, Patrick Henry wrote his now famous Virginia Resolves which laid out the “(no) taxation without representation” argument.

It encapsulates a core grievance of the American colonists against the British government and played a significant role in the lead-up to the American Revolution.

Here's what the phrase means:

Representation: Refers to having a voice or a say in the government's decisions, particularly in the legislative process. In the case of the American colonists, they argued that they were being subjected to taxation by the British government without having any representation or the ability to elect representatives to the British Parliament.

Taxation: Refers to the levying or imposition of taxes by a government. In the context of the American colonies, it specifically referred to the taxes imposed by the British Crown on the colonists.

In essence, the colonists were protesting the fact that they were being taxed by a government (the British) that they had no direct role in electing or influencing. They believed that it was unfair and undemocratic for the British government to impose taxes on them without their consent or input. They argued that if they were to be subjected to taxation, they should also have the right to be represented in the British Parliament or have their own colonial legislatures where they could have a say in the tax laws.

This slogan became a rallying cry for the American Revolution and a central principle behind the founding of the United States, where representative democracy and taxation with representation became fundamental principles of the new nation's government.

The Haridim community of Israel needs to understand that they can not have the cake and eat it. They can not have Representation without full participation in the obligations of citizenship.

In other words, they have a choice; be part of a dynamic, flourishing Israel with all its obligations or remain in their physical and mental ghettoes and fend for themselves. Defranchise them in short if they can not or will not accept the responsibilities that come with Representation.

No Representation Without Participation

I’m sure someone can create a similar slogan in Hebrew that proclaims to the Haridim that “there is no Representation without Participation (universal national service)”.

And no, sitting on your backside learning by rote massive passages of text is NOT national service, and that includes as someone asked me recently, all the Harry Potter books.

The definition of national service:

National service typically refers to a government program or policy that requires or encourages its citizens to participate in various forms of public or military service for the benefit of the nation. The specific nature and duration of national service can vary significantly from one country to another, and it may encompass a range of activities, including:

Military Service: Many countries have mandatory military service for a certain period, which can range from several months to a few years. During this time, citizens receive military training and may be deployed for national defense or other related tasks.

Civil Service: Some countries have programs that require citizens to work in various government or public sector roles, such as education, healthcare, infrastructure, or emergency services. This is often seen as a way to address specific societal needs or shortages.

Volunteer Service: National service can also include voluntary programs where citizens choose to dedicate a certain amount of their time to community service or projects that benefit the country. These programs may involve activities like environmental conservation, disaster relief, or healthcare assistance.

Alternative Service: In some cases, individuals who are conscientious objectors to military service may be required to perform alternative forms of national service, often in non-military roles that contribute to the community or the nation's welfare.

The goals of national service can vary, but they typically include fostering a sense of civic duty, promoting national unity, addressing specific societal needs, and enhancing the skills and experiences of participants. National service programs are implemented differently in each country, reflecting the unique political, social, and cultural context of that nation.

Currently, the State of Israel has a population of approximately 9.73 million.

73.5% are Jewish of all backgrounds. 21% are Arab (Muslim or Christian). The remaining 5.5% (about 534,000 individuals) are defined as "others", including people of Jewish ancestry deemed non-Jewish by religious law and persons of non-Jewish ancestry who are family members of Jewish immigrants (neither of which are registered at the Ministry of Interior as Jews), Christian non-Arabs, Muslim non-Arabs and all other residents who have neither an ethnic nor religious classification.

Haredim make up 13.3% of the population and enumerated 1,280,000.

Currently, the number of Haradi men studying in yeshivas and kollels (full-time Talmudic study institutions) in Israel stands at 138,500 students. All or most are funded by the State of Israel. In other words, they are paid a monthly salary by the State for studying, excluding them for the most part from mainstream Israel.

Does that seem fair?

And again, not wishing to tar all with the same brush, read the story below and make up your mind.

‘Six-Day War veteran attacked by haredim in Me'ah Shearim Six-Day War veteran Yosef Hagoel and a group of younger soldiers were met in Me'ah Shearim with shouts of 'Nazis, get out of here!'

I have not heard Eichler reprimanding these ignorant, educational-challenged Haridim calling IDF soldiers “Nazis” – and the State of Israel keeps giving these parasites money.

Enough is enough.

‘Likud members said to object to the Haredi draft law, potentially imperiling the government Amid warnings by ultra-Orthodox parties that the coalition will collapse without greater military exemptions for their community, reports signal growing pushback against the divisive plan’

You can see another example of this twisted thinking in the recent comments of Israel’s Construction and Housing Minister, the mediocre, rotund Yitzhak Goldknopf, and his blackmail threat, that if the “draft law doesn't pass, there's no government”

Should the law not pass and the government collapse (a reason to celebrate), in a new election the Haredim would be swept into the wildness years (another reason to celebrate).

And if such a law was to pass, Goldknopf, Gafni, Deri, and Co., will be responsible for driving Israel into an abyss from which the country would never recover.

Is this the legacy we want to leave our children and grandchildren?

The battle cry must be: No Representation Without Participation

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