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“No one imagined how horrible this government would be”

Meet the Labor MK opposing her own party to try to salvage its future.

In online ToI (The Times of Israel) interview, maverick lawmaker Merav Michaeli discusses her stand against joining the government, her plans to overhaul the chief rabbinate, and a future Labor makeover.

Though she technically sits in his unity government, Labor Party lawmaker Merav Michaeli is proud to be a thorn in the side of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — and she recently said as much to The Times of Israel’s chief analyst, Haviv Rettig Gur, in the new Behind the Headlines online video series.

Previously, I awarded Merav Michaeli a Golda for her stance and the “balls” to stand up for what she believes. Regretfully, I can’t award her another Golda. The interview is enlightening.

Compare Merav Michaeli to the head of the Labor party Amir Peretz.

Peretz would have us believe that he has nothing but the best interests of the country at heart. Just like Benny Gantz and his “Israel First” call-to-arms.

In truth, Amir Peretz has made no secret of the fact that he wants to be President of Israel when Reuven Rivlin’s current term ends. And, to this end, Peretz is open to every trick, every maneuver, every ploy to ensure that he is elected. The Labor party, it’s history, it’s supports mean nothing to him, they are merely stepping stones to be used and discarded to ensure that the Presidency is his.

“Labor chief says he’ll run with Blue and White if new elections called”

Amir Peretz says he’s ‘very comfortable’ sitting with Gantz’s party; Report says Sunday cabinet meeting likely to be canceled again, but ruling parties inching toward compromise.

This week, I planned to write several rants aimed at deceitful politicians; YES, despite their assertions of otherwise, politicians practice deceit all the time. They call it “spin”, “being liberal with the facts”, “bending the meaning”, and dozens upon dozens of other expressions. Just look at Trump, Netanyahu, or for that matter Amir Peretz, masters of falsehoods. And we the public can’t seem to get enough of their BS. Who are the fools? Us of course.

Secondly, I wanted to say a few words regarding the Palestinian leadership in the wake of the news late last week regarding Israel and the UAE. Mahmoud Abbas and his cronies have for too long been trying to sell an out-of-date notion to their citizens, and they are, in my opinion, guilty of crimes against the Palestinian people.

Yes, the genuine Palestinian people are deserving of an entity of some kind. The problem is that time has passed them by because of the intransigence of the Palestinian leadership to see the writing-on-the-wall. Times have changed and with it, a realization by the Gulf States and other so-called “Arab” countries, that in the Palestinian/Israel impasse is not solely the responsibility of the Israelis. Many countries are understanding that the Palestinian leadership is its own worst enemy.

It’s time for the Palestinian people to give thanks to Mahmoud Abbas and his aging cronies and inject younger, fresh blood into the Palestinian leadership. A leadership that can understand and appreciate the changing times, while still striving for a Palestinian entity.

While the leaders of Iran, Turkey, Hezbollah, and other militant groups shout and rage against the UAE, the truth is that the rank and file of Iranians, Turks, Lebanese and many other regular Tom, Dick and Harrys' are far too concerned with their own daily grind to worry about a stiff-necked, stubborn, out-of-touch Palestinian leadership.

Thirdly, I wanted to write about the ever-growing numbers of so-called “personalities” who seem more than happy to prostitute themselves on TV and other media in the promotion of a wide range of products and services.

OK, so the coronavirus has cut deep into many people's pockets, and work is not in abundance, and families need to be feed, bills paid. But surely, these “personalities” have some standards, some self-respect for their craft, for their talent?

And as an add-on, I wanted to rant and rave about the majority of radio jingles we hear on the radio, simply mind-boggling and insulting. I wonder what Don Draper’s opinion would be?

That’s a rhetorical question, by the way.


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