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Netanyahu Lies Down With Dogs and Acts Surprised When He Wakes Up With Fleas

As Yossi Verter points out, this is Netanyahu’s sixth term as Prime Minister.

I and I suspect many others in this country, don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the state of affairs Netanyahu has created. Is he so despite to return to offer that he was prepared to make pacts with the devil? That should be devils. We have on the one hand the dragon that is Smotrich, Ben Gvir, and Moaz. On the other side, we have the freeloaders that make up the Haredim, with their no-stop demands. And then of course we have the twice-convicted felon Deri with his cohorts.

Laugh or cry, you decide.

Who drove Netanyahu to this obnoxious wedding? She who must be obeyed at all costs, or maybe it was the boy-wonder. Either way, Netanyahu would seem to have lost the plot. Just maybe he has an ace or two up his sleeve?

FDR called December 7, 1941, a day of infamy. Calling December 29, 2022, Israel’s day of infamy is maybe a step too far. Israel has after all faced many trying days over the past 74 years. And yet, given the composition of Netanyahu’s sixth government, it is arguably a day of shame.

During the past weeks, I have given much thought to this band of retards that makes up Netanyahu’s sixth government.

I have come to the sad conclusion that given they don’t give a flying F—K about me and at least 50% of the citizens of this country, I don’t give a flying F—K about them. A wretched conclusion?

In a few months, I’ll be 74; what are these nincompoops going to do to make my life more miserable, more challenging? I do feel sad for the following generations who will suffer because of Netanyahu’s ego. And yes, Ayelet Shaked is unfortunately correct, I am hearing rumblings of discontent and the slow tread toward green, less stressful pastures.

In parting Knesset speech, Shaked warns that some Israelis considering leaving country.

Interesting to see that Netanyahu has named Eli Cohen as the foreign minister rather than the more experienced Israel Katz or Ron Dermer, who is named strategic affairs minister. For that matter, others would be far better suited to the role of FM. I take this move to mean that having handed control of Israel’s domestic policies to a group of retards, Netanyahu will become de facto FM with Eli Cohen as his wingman. Netanyahu has his eye on an agreement with Saudia Arabia no doubt and that elusive Noble Peace Prize.

Katz is demoted to energy minister, while loudmouth Regev returns to transport.

Maybe I should feel ashamed of myself for not caring, but right now I don’t.

Am I going to bury my head in the sand until the storm passes, maybe? Or maybe I’ll just go on my way not giving a fig about the retards in Jerusalem.


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