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Netanyahu and his kakistocracy government

For those not in the know, a kakistocracy is a government run by the worst, least qualified, or most unscrupulous citizens.

Sounds familiar?

Kakistocracy, derived from the Greek words "kakistos" meaning "worst" and "kratos" meaning "rule," refers to a system of governance where the government is controlled by the most incompetent, corrupt, and morally bankrupt individuals. In a kakistocracy, those in power prioritize personal gain over the welfare and interests of the people they are supposed to serve.

The hallmark of a kakistocracy is the pervasive presence of ineptitude and dishonesty within the government. Positions of authority are often filled by individuals who lack the necessary qualifications, skills, or ethical principles. Nepotism and cronyism become the norm, as positions of power are handed out to friends, family members, and loyalists rather than to individuals based on merit.

Under a kakistocracy, policies are driven by self-interest and personal enrichment rather than the greater good. Corruption becomes rampant, with embezzlement, bribery, and kickbacks becoming prevalent means of accumulating wealth. Public resources are plundered, and public funds are misappropriated, leading to a decay in infrastructure, public services, and overall societal well-being.

The impact of kakistocracy is detrimental to society on multiple levels. Trust in government erodes as citizens witness the blatant disregard for their well-being and the subversion of democratic principles. Socioeconomic inequalities widen, as the ruling class amasses wealth while the majority struggles to meet their basic needs. The rule of law becomes arbitrary and biased, as the judiciary is compromised and the enforcement of justice is manipulated.

Escaping the grip of a kakistocracy requires a vigilant and informed citizenry, a free and fair media, and the development of strong democratic institutions. It necessitates holding leaders accountable, demanding transparency, and actively participating in the democratic process to elect individuals of integrity and competence. Only by challenging and opposing the forces of kakistocracy can a society hope to restore good governance and work toward the betterment of all its citizens.

The above paragraphs accurately describe the current Netanyahu government.

The first recorded use of kakistocracy was in a sermon, delivered in 1644 by Paul Gosnold. His audience was the “King’s Parliament” assembled in Oxford during the English civil war to support the monarchist cause.

More recently it has been used in the US by the former director of the CIA John Brennan took to Twitter and accused Donald Trump of running a kakistocracy.

Trump, Netanyahu – two birds of the same feather. Twins in the art of administration of kakistocracy governments.

The late Peter Bowler, an Australian lexicographer and author noted that there is no word for a government run by the best citizens and that the aristarchy may be the right term, or, it could conceivably be a kakistocracy disguised as an aristocracy.

It hurts me to write but given this kakistocracy government put together by Netanyahu, it is arguable that BiBi has committed an act of treason against the State of Israel.

Last Thursday, far-right minister Amichai Eliyahu referred to Ami Eshed, the recently resign Tel Aviv police chief, as “pus that needs to be removed.”

“I’m happy that Eshed is leaving the police,” Heritage Minister Amichai Eliyahu, a member of the Otzma Yehudit party, told Radio 103FM.

Ami Eshed, who has served Israel with distinction, was forced from office by the far-right, authoritarian, ultranationalist, Israel hater, Ben Gvir.

Considering Amichai Eliyahu's background, army service, and education, I am somewhat surprised by his language.

There again like so many on the ultraright, he is I suspect simply brainwashed, and easily led.

Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich last Thursday lent his backing to a remark made by his brother on social media in support of a driver who barreled through protesters blocking a highway in Tel Aviv the day before.

Tuvia Smotrich retweeted a video of the driver who sped through demonstrators blocking the Ayalon highway, forcing them to scramble out his way and physically shoving some with his vehicle but causing no injuries.

Whereas the original post of the video included remarks condemning the driver’s actions, Tuvia Smotrich wrote in his retweet, “I see an upstanding person who stands proudly in the face of a group of rioters and insists on his basic right to freedom of movement.”

Just like Ben Gvir called the ultra-rightwing youths who attacked and touched several Palestine villages, “sweet boys”.

What a load of BS!

From time to time, reviewing the reader’s comments at the end of various articles is both entertaining and reviling as it does the true feeling of the people of Israel. The comments mostly differ from the remarks made by the majority of the buffoons in Jerusalem, whose salary and benefits we pay for. We are friers.

I have reproduced two comments below; I have not corrected grammar or punctuation.


In Smotrich's Jewish fundamentalist Utopia, attacks on 'non-believers' will be officially applauded. And there will be no consequences because only judges who 'understand' what is expected of them will be selected.


If they success to make really the "manual" of those dictators like in Venezuela, Nicaragua, Iran, Russia, Belarus or even Turkey ( a little less dictator for now) Hope that Netanyahu for the first time put the country before himself.

I am not sure how best to describe Likud’s David (DuDu) Amsalem.

Buffoon seems too calm.

What about idiot, wally, nincompoop, airhead, ignoramus, numbskull, or simply prat?

It’s hard to comprehend just how much Amsalem hates Israel.

No doubt he suffers from an inferiority complex given that he is of Sephardic heritage. If that is genuinely the case, Amsalem is one sad individual.

I was told a story many years ago about Israeli cantor and performer David "Dudu" Fisher and his first appearance in the US.

Always referred to as Dudu, his American agent suggested sticking with David given that in US slang ‘dudu’ is poop, shit, and human excrement.

Most fitting for Amsalem?

Having seen the non-entity on TV the other day, another slang phrase for ‘dudu’ is a cute guy who has a big tummy. Let’s subsequent the word ‘tummy’ for ‘bighead’ or in the London slang of my youth ‘bacon-bounce’. Most fitting.

“Amsalem calls to arrest anti-overhaul protest leaders, oust AG and probe ex-PM Barak” “Firebrand minister says AG ‘not worthy’ of role, should have quit long ago, claims ruling Likud can’t govern due to her interference”

The headline below from a few days ago fits in nicely with Amsalem’s desire to lock up tens of thousands of us ‘anarchists’.

Goodluck asshole.

“Ministers discuss bill authorizing Ben Gvir to jail Israelis without charge” “Bill would also let police minister impose drastic restrictions such as domestic travel bans, as he pushes for greater control over law enforcement”

A truly Orwellian future awaits Israel if these halfwits get even part of their way.

It’s good to see that former PM Ehud Olmert gives his backing to ‘civil disobedience.

“Ex-Israeli PM Ehud Olmert backs civil disobedience over judicial reform” “Former prime minister Ehud Olmert shares insights on security, protests, and democracy as he responds to criticism of his support for nonviolent civil disobedience.”

For the fallen of Israel not to be forgotten, we MUST be their voice and stop this government from plundering the wealth of the country.


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