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Name and Shame: Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz

As consumers, we have a right to expect, no, make that demand, value for money from a service provider or product. When the service or product falls short of basic expectations, we have the right to Name and Shame as a means of forewarning other consumers and shining a spotlight on the service or product shortcomings.

In creating the Name and Shame category, I did not envisage that one day I would include a prime minister and other self-termed politicians in the ranks of the disgraced. And yet, here we are.

And why not?

I’ve raised the question elsewhere on this blog “can you sue a politician for lying, telling an untruth?”. Today’s politicians live by photo-ops and sound bites, and, as we have seen, what they say today, is not what they mean tomorrow. (You can substitute tomorrow for an hour later.)

Therefore, as a natural extension, if a politician fails to delivery on his or her promise, tells us a “porkie”, misleads us into supporting and voting for them, and then makes a U-turn, I say we have the moral right to speak out, to Name and Shame. And to remember their self-centered actions come the next election.

So, let’s Name and Shame: Benjamin Netanyahu, Benny Gantz, Amir Peretz, Arye Deri, Yaakov Litzman, and dozens and dozens of others, both in the Knesset and outside, who support the establishment of the proposed new government at the propertied cost to the people of Israel of close to one billion shekels.

My rule of thumb for the blog was to post in English only. However, having viewed this Lior Schleien clip several times in recent days, I felt that it warranted being posted to the blog.

Lior Schleien has, for many, become Israel’s Jon Stewart, a thorn in the side of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and a voice for the country’s secular liberals.

I have always thought of Lior Schleien as Israel’s John Oliver.

As for Netanyahu and Gantz & co., let's not forget to close the account with them come the next general election.


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