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“My voters don’t care if I’m a homophobe or fascist; my word is my bond”

Not my words you understand, but those of Israel’s newly installed mister of finance and junior minister in the ministry of defense, responsible for the civilian administration in the West Bank, Occupied Terrorerties, Judea and Shomron (take your pick), Bezalel Smotrich.

“Smotrich: My voters don’t care if I’m a homophobe or fascist; my word is my bond” “In recording from a few months ago, far-right minister heard saying he could act against LGBTQ community without repercussions from his base; ‘I won’t stone gays [to death]’”

So taking this ultra-nationalist’s self-proclaimed homophobe, fascist attitude, where to announce from the rooftops that he was a rapiest, pedophile, or worse, his ‘voters’ would still support and blindly follow him like sheep to the slaughter.

This is the face of Israel, January 2023.

This inconsequential ‘little man’ with what would appear to be an inferiority complex, proudly proclaims his fascist idealogy, and no one says a dickie-bird.

And talking of those with an inferiority complex, they come no bigger than Aryeh Deri. This twice convicted felon, who in simple terms is a ‘tea leaf’ in a drive to show that he is as good if not better than an Ashkenazi holds both Health and Interior portfolios. Is one not enough?

One not take on one post and excel at it rather than two and be mediocre at best.

As Israel stands on the eve of its 75th birthday, the scoundrel keeps playing the Sephardic card and proclaiming injustice and that Ashkenazi Jews have ‘white privilege’.

I’d call him a villain but that would be detrimental to a real old fashion ‘face’ who despite their career calling had rules.

Deri it would appear suffers from 'delusions of grandeur'. Pathetic.

Taking it a step further, Deri insists that should the court rule against his nomination for a cabinet post, given his two convictions, he will simply stick two fingers in the air at them and ignore their ruling.

“Deri reportedly vows to defy potential High Court disqualification” “Ahead of ruling expected this week, Shas sources indicate party chief will make Netanyahu decide whether to fire him from cabinet or go toe-to-toe against judges”

This is the face of Israel, January 2023.

Here is a novel idea, as Deri does not give a toss about the rule of law nor does our Crime Minister, let's simply do away with the courts and the rule of law.

Our pot-bellied national security minister would not be happy with that thought as he could not prosecute ‘terrorists’ but ha-ho, you can’t have everything in life.

Deri argues that Shas voters want him in government regardless of his crimes and convictions.

I don’t believe that I know any Shas voters. Judging from what I read and hear it would appear that they like their counterparts in the Haradim community, and I assume within the ultra-nationalist community vote as their rabbis tell them. Presumably, they don’t have minds of their own to think and analyze and weigh the decisions they make.

It’s these rabbis who control, they are the puppetmasters pulling the strings of dozens of MKs, who dance to the tune of others.

This is the face of Israel, January 2023.

Chuck Freilich, a former deputy national security adviser here in Israel as well as being the author of several security-related books about Israel has recently published a telling opinion piece in the Jerusalem Post.

“For the glory of Netanyahu: Israel will become an illiberal democracy.” “Israel will become a kleptocracy, in which the never-ending array of public figures convicted, or under investigation, for corruption and malfeasance, become the norm.”

It’s both fascinating and distressing to see just how many people both here in Israel and across the world are fearful for Israel’s continued democratic existence.

This is the face of Israel, January 2023.

I am not as a rule too concerned with what happens in the US.

Yet, I had to laugh at the notion of Marjorie Taylor Greene, the female version of Smotrich, Ben Gvir, or Moaz – take your pick – landing a seat on the Homeland Security and House Oversight committees in the US Congress.

However, what caught my eye was a story from Missouri and the passing of a dress code by men aimed at women members of the Missouri State House.

“Outrage after Missouri lawmakers' new dress code for women in the state House”

And just how easy it would be for the likes of Maoz and his band of cohorts to demand similar legislation here in Israel. Maoz believes that a woman's place is in the family home (kitchen), raising children and that women, while important, are second to men, not their equals.

This is the face of Israel, January 2023.

I am at an age when I don’t give two figs about these cretins. I do however fear for the generations following me.

As Thomas L. Friedman wrote in his NYT column, Israel, under Netanyahu, is on the verge of a historic transformation from a full-fledged democracy to something that may destabilize the whole region, and even impact U.S. national security interests.

This is the face of Israel, January 2023.


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