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Mr. Netanyahu, how do you sleep at night?

Hopefully, you don’t.

If you do manage to close your eyes for a few minutes do you see the images of 1,400 people killed because of your ego?

Do you see the faces of the 239 hostages held by Hamas and their proxies in Gaza?

What about the more than 5,400 wounded? Do you ever think about them and the trauma they suffer because of you?

Maybe you don’t lose any sleep thinking about those killed, hostages, and those wounded? And, because of your incompetence, more Israelis are going to die, and more Israelis are going to be wounded.

Have you no conscience, no integrity, no feelings? Is your ego so dominant that nothing and no one else matters?

It’s no wonder that you are Israel’s most hated prime minister in the country’s history.

You dare point the finger of guilt at others, where in fact, you and you alone are the guily party.

You have shown that you are a petty person and that your ego rules supreme.

You view others with contemptuous eyes; maybe they will challenge your ascertain that you must always come out on top.

You are a fragile person, consumed by your avarice and vanity.

You live in a reality that stretches from his left ear to his right ear, and no further.

Micheal Cohen, Donald Trump’s former fixer, recently referred to Trump as a ‘petulant child’, a description that fits you like a glove.

If you had an ounce of decency, you would resign, crawl under a stone, and let others pick up pieces of the chaos you are responsible for.

Many say you don’t switch horses in midstream. Wrong. When the horse is floundering, losing direction, you abandon the mount and find another horse. The British did it in May 1940, ditching Chamberlin for Churchill. Hopefully, a few Likud MKs and central committee members will remember their balls and depose our would-be benevolent dictator.

And, by the way, you Mr. Netanyahu are no Churchill.

The only thing you may have in common is a liking of cigars. Otherwise, you don’t come close to the great man.

I wrote last week that in several other countries across the globe, Mr. Netanyahu would have found himself against a wall being offered a blindfold and a last cigarette. Fortunately for Netanyahu, as far as I am aware, treason does not carry a capital sentence in Israel.

Mr. Netanyahu, do you recall the words of the song “Choref 73” (Winter 73)?

Remember the words “You promised a dove, an olive tree leaf, you promised peace You promised spring at home and blossoms You promised to fulfill promises, you promised a dove”

Mr. Security, do you remember?

And where are Netanyahu's sons at this challenging time?

Netanyahu’s son Yair, the crown prince, is safe in Miami rather than joining the fight against Hamas.

According to reports he was banished to the USA in April this year by his father. I guess there are worse places in the world to be exiled. And again, according to media reports, Yair is working with a lawyer in the hope of securing a green card and permanent residence in the US. Hopefully, he, Yair, will in due course be presented with a bouquet of white feathers.

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Avner Netanyahu, the second son?

Whatever the outcome of this war, it's the end of Netanyahu.

For the fallen of Israel not to be forgotten, we MUST be their voice.


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