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Laugh until you Cry

It’s long been recognized that laughter is an important weapon in our well-being.

Just think of Coco the Clown, Charlie Chaplin, Patch Adams, and millions of other laughter practitioners around the world.

The Fourth Estate is also a wonderful source of laughter. However, in this case, the line between laughter and tears is drawn fine.

The following are a few examples from the media that have been published in the last few days. Look for the line between laughter and tears.

Mumbling, bumbling Yaakov Litzman, it’s reported, stormed out of a recent meeting because he was not included in the new streamlined Coronavirus cabinet.

Like a petulant child, who has been denied a sweet or a toy, Litzman throws a tantrum and leaves the meeting.

Litzman claims that “I am not prepared to accept that I am the head of a party and a former health minister,” referring to his exclusion from the Coronaviris cabinet.

Like many others in the Knesset, Litzman suffers from selective memory. Part of the reason we are in the mess we are in regarding the second wave of COVID19 is due to his poor handling of the crises when he was Health Minister. Heaven help the civil servants in the Housing Ministery now that Litzman is screwing up that ministry.

Here’s the fine line, if it was not so serious it would be funny.

One of Bibi’s leading poodles, Public Security Minister Amir Ohana, the man, who with other Bibi poodles, called the Black Flag movement demonstrators “anarchists”, will, it’s reported to have the pleasure of their company outside his Tel Aviv high-rise apartment block this evening.

Let’s hope he enjoys the experience, and that the police are busy elsewhere.

Ohana is however correct on one point. Bibi’s neighbors, whether on Balfour Street or at his Ceasarea home do suffer from the uproar of demonstrators, police, and media. Of course, none of this is of interest to the Crime Minister or his henchmen.

So yes, let's have a good laugh at Ohana's expense.

As a footnote to the above, Yuval Noah Harari in his book Homo Dues makes a reference to revolutions and how they succeed or fail. The Black Flag movement organizers could well learn a thing or to about toppling autocratic rulers from history. Just think of Mubarak in Egypt or Ceaușescu in Romania. Enough said.

Proving yet again that the “Boy Wonder” is insensitive, if not downright lacking in a moral compass, Yair Netanyahu superimposed a picture with the face of the prosecutor in PM’s corruption case over the face of a Hindu goddess:

In removing the Tweet, Yair Netanyahu said “I’ve tweeted a meme from a satirical page, critizing (sic) political figures in Israel. I didn’t realize the meme also portrayed an image conected (sic) to the majestic Hindu faith. As soon as I realized it from comments of our Indian friends, I have removed the tweet. I apologize,”.

Here’s the thing, when the “Boy Wonder” writes “our Indian friends”, is he referring soley to Hindus, who make up close to 80% of the population of India?

Borrowing a line from UK journalist Piers Morgan and his discretion of Harry Windsor and Meghan Markle, Yair Netanyahu can also be described as being a “tone-deaf, hypocritical, narcissistic, deluded, whiny brat”.

Showing his ongoing contempt for the citizens of Israel, it's reported that “Netanyahu said eyeing loophole to ditch Gantz, form a right-wing coalition”.

According to media reports, which of course are being labeled “fake news”, “one possibility would be to nominate a third candidate who would serve temporarily as prime minister, giving as possibilities Shas party leader Aryeh Deri and the Likud’s Knesset Speaker, Yariv Levin.”

Given that Netanyahu is a master manipulator, and that his minows are only too happy to jump at his every whim, I suspect that there is more than a grain of truth in this media report.

More laughter and tears another time.


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