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Just like Nero, Netanyahu fiddles while Israel burns

Fact Check: 1. While the Roman Emperor Nero had numerous enemies and is remembered as one of history’s most sadistic, cruelest, and obnoxious leaders, there is no proof that he played the fiddle while Rome burned. See below for more details. 2. There is no validation that Netanyahu fiddles or plays any string instrument for that matter. As to the other type of fiddling, well that is of course up to the court of public opinion to judge. What is an undisputed fact is that Israel stands on the cusp of the abyss, and Netanyahu appears not to care.

Did Nero fiddle while Rome burned?

In July of 64 A.D., a massive fire ravaged Rome for six days, destroying 70 percent of the city and leaving half its population homeless. According to the well-known expression, Rome’s emperor at the time, the decadent and unpopular Nero, “fiddled while Rome burned.”

The expression has a double meaning: Not only did Nero play music while his people suffered, but he was an ineffectual leader in a time of crisis.

It is easy to cast blame on Nero, who had numerous enemies and is remembered as one of history’s most sadistic, cruelest, and obnoxious leaders, but there are a couple of snags with this story.

For one thing, the fiddle didn’t exist in ancient Rome. Music historians believe the viol class of instruments (to which the fiddle belongs) was not developed until the 11th century. If Nero played anything, it would probably have been the cithara, a heavy wooden instrument with four to seven strings, but again there is no solid evidence that he played one during the Great Fire of Rome.

The Roman historian Tacitus wrote that Nero was rumored to have sung about the destruction of Rome while watching the city burn; however, he stated clearly that this was unconfirmed by eyewitness accounts.

When the Great Fire broke out, Nero was at his villa at Antium, approximately 55 kilometers from Rome. Though he immediately returned and began relief measures, people still didn’t trust him. Some even believed he had ordered his men to start the fire, especially after he used land cleared by the fire to build his Golden Palace and its surrounding pleasure gardens.

Nero himself blamed the Christians (then an obscure religious sect) for the fire, and had many arrested and executed. But while Nero may have been guilty of many things, the story of him fiddling while Rome burned belongs firmly in the category of popular legend rather than established truth.

OK, so there we have it. Nero did not fiddle while Rome burned. On the other hand, he may have rejoiced at the sight of the burning city. Who knows?

And it is easy to draw one or two comparisons between Nero and Netanyahu.

I am not suggesting that Netanyahu is a sadistic or cruel leader although to many both here and abroad he is obnoxious, self-centered, and sociopathic.

If you think the above description of would-be Emperor Netanyahu incorrect, just consider what are the clinical six signs of a self-centered person.

1. They Dominate Conversations

2. They Lack Empathy

3. They Take More Than They Give

4. They Want Things Done Their Way

5. They Are Quick to Blame Others and Avoid Responsibility

6. They Always Want to Be the Center of Attention

Sounds familiar?

And, what we can say for certainty is that Netanyahu is fiddling with Triva while Israel stands on the edge of a chasm.

Like all rules, regulations, laws, protocols, procedures, and the like, from time to time tweaking is needed. No doubt certain matters within the legal realm do demand review, and updating but with goodwill this can be done by consensus. A D9 is not required.

But of course that would not suit the ever-shallow Netanyahu and his many ongoing court cases.

Just consider the following, and think about how much effort Netanyahu has put into the drive for a legal overhaul.

Think about his recent rant, rave at Israeli ambassador to the US Mike Herzog and why he, Herzog had not in seven months secured a US visit for Netanyahu.

Netanyahu now has his invite to meet “Uncle” Joe Biden although according to reports not in Washington at the White House but rather in New York at the UN during the annual assembly.

Netanyahu must be seething. No doubt the Empress has dirty laundry that needs washing. Or maybe Netanyahu is out of cigars and pink champagne.

Have heard Netanyahu ranting and raving at Ben Gvir regarding the escalating deaths in the Israeli Arab community. Of course not. It’s not a priority for Netanyahu.

Have we heard Netanyahu ranting and raving at Smtrich regarding the ever-rising cost of food and other essential services? Of course not, Netanyahu has enough food to eat and has all the essential services he and the Empress need, paid for by the State.

Have we heard Netanyahu ranting and raving at Miri Regev regarding the non-starting Tel Aviv light rail? Of course not, Netanyahu and the Empress have their official cars; they don’t like the proletariat have to rely on public transport.

Have we heard Netanyahu ranting and raving at the rotund Yitshak Goldknop regarding the lack of housing construction for all Israeli citizens, not just the Haradim? Of course not. Netanyahu and the Empress have their homes, both official and private; they don’t have to worry about a roof over their heads.

Have we heard Netanyahu reprimand the clown Dudu Amslam for his disrespectful tirade at the Israeli AG? Of course not. Amslam is just another one of Netanyahu’s attack dogs.

But not getting an invite to meet the US president at the White House sends Netanyahu into a frenzy that lands him in hospital.

This is how shallow our Emperor is.

This is Israel, July 2023.

I recommend a brilliant opinion piece from Yoav Hendel, published two days ago.

“Israeli reservists call for unity and political transformation” “We need a transformation of the political landscape of our country. We need a new national, liberal, Zionist right-wing movement that embodies it.”

It is worth remembering that: You can never triumph in a conversation with a negative person. They only hear what suits them and only listen to what are their responses.

For the fallen of Israel not to be forgotten, we MUST be their voice and stop this government from plundering the wealth of the country.


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