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Journal Entry: October 29, 2022

The inscription on the grave of Frank Santra proclaims “the best is yet to come”.

This declaration came to mind as we stand just days away from Israel’s fifth general election in 42 months.

Despite what the polls predict, the overwhelming feeling is that Netanyahu and his cronies; Shas, UTJ, and the Religious Zionism party, will secure a majority returning the “Crime Minister” to power.

For many in Israel “the worst is about to arrive”.

Sometimes the comments posted after an article are more entertaining, and more provoking than the actual article. The following is an example from someone called “meuhud”. His/her comments appear a few days in one of the English-language Israeli newspapers. I have reproduced it exactly as it appeared in the original format.

“Netanyahu is not the same leader as he once was - the facts are: - He didn't consult with the Head of the Navy, the Head of the Mossad, the Defence Minister, the Head of the IDF regarding procuring submarines - especially the best models going to Egypt; - He is under 3 indictments; His policy with Iran, like Trump's has no game plan; He forced out seasoned Likud MKs to put his own people in power; He said nothing about the Likud extremist Rami Ben-Yehuda; He said nothing about so-called "medallions of loyalty" honoring the Chief; As Prime Minister he vetoed donations to the Peres Center; As Prime Minister under his watch over years the Meron disaster was allowed to happen; He said nothing when Likud supporters threw stones at anti-Netanyahu protesters standing on bridges; He has a history of asking others to pay for his bills; He alienated support from our greatest ally - the U.S.A.; He brokered a deal with the Haredi that funds schools that shun secular subjects - like math and English; He allowed an anti-LGBTQ Party to to run with his friends in the Religious Zionism party; He kept an Israeli in a Russian prison for an extra day so that he could get a photo-op; He facilitated the Kahanist Ben Gvir to enter the Knesset and possibly become a Minister; Because of Netanyahu Israelis are being put through their 5th election in 3 years; Some World Leader - some disgrace!”

It’s disappointing that the world community, including Israel, is not shouting from the rooftops and encouraging the unrest in Iran. Just like with Ukraine, it’s comfortable to turn a blind eye to what is happening.

Merav Michaeli should be hailed as a champion for her stance on public transport on Saturday, the Jewish Shabbat. She won’t of course, and it’s unlikely that come year-end she will still be the minister of transport, regretfully.

Her response to Likud party MK Shlomo Karhi is a classic and shows just how two-face and brain-challenged many of Netanyahu’s poodles are -

It’s sad beyond belief to watch US President Joe Biden mumble and stumble. How different it could have been had Joe and Hilary faced trump in 2016. I recall at the time being told of an agreement in place between Obama and Hilary that Joe although VP would stand aside in favor of Clinton.

I’m no doctor, so it’s not clear to me in Biden is suffering in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease or a form of dementia. It’s plain that the man has issues.

Will he run in 2024, unlikely? And Kamala Harris has, in my opinion, achieved zero that warrants her support for a 2024 run. So where does that leave the demarcate party in the run-up to 2024?

And what of Trump? Will he run?

I am, completely, and utterly fed up with people asking me for my opinion of those two spoilt brats Harry and Meghan. Bottomline, they don’t give a hoot about me, I certainly don’t give a flying fig about them.

And yet, I keep getting asked. The assumption is that because I was born in the Uk, I must have an opinion. I point out in response that I have lived in Israel far longer than I lived in the UK, and hence my thoughts and focus in, not on these two

And finally, Israel take note:

Ignore the gleeful negativity about Britain… No other major democracy could have removed Liz Truss with such speed and efficiency writes Andrew Neil in the UK Daily Mail.


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