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Journal Entry: July 9, 2020

This is not meant to be a dairy but, if it were, I presume I would start by writing “I am worried about the state of the country”.

Well, the fact of the matter is that I am concerned as I believe all citizens of Israel are regardless of political belief, stance on religion, domestic circumstances, or domicile.

Despite or maybe because of, the bloated, useless, lackluster cabinet which simply has created jobs-for-the-boys (and girls), the country is under the stewardship (or lack of) Benjamin Netanyahu, is in dire straights.

We told, no, make that “sold a bill of goods” by benny Gatz, that a large, inflated cabinet was required to fight COVID19. Right now, it looks like COVID19 is winning hands-down.

In the last week, Benjamin Netanyahu has aurthozied the surveillance of Israel’s citizens by the Shin Bet security service ostensively to monitor COVID19. And, according to the media, he is now the sole decision-maker concerning COVID19 in Israel, bypassing the Knesset and requiring only a rubber stamp from the COVID19 cabinet. Way to go Bibi.

Your fan club members: Putin, Trump, Erdogan, Bolsonaro, and a variety of rightwing, fascists types in Europe and elsewhere, are no doubt proud of you. In a stroke, you have set a course to dismantle democracy in Israel. Undoubtedly many of your most ardent supports in Israel, including a bunch of eunuchs that lap up your every word, are ecstatic at the move. And that includes the “boy wonder”.

As a side note, I saw in today’s Jerusalem Post that Yair Netanyahu (the boy wonder) had, via his Twitter account made an apology to Channel 12’s Dana Weiss. Just wondering what promoted this most unusual move by the boy wonder, who, as far as I am aware, is not known for issuing groveling retractions. Was this daddy’s doing? Maybe a lawyer? Or just maybe, the boy wonder appreciated that he went a step too far? Yes I know, it's unlikely!

Earlier this week, a former best buddy to Benny Gantz, Moshe "Bogie" Ya'alon, distributed an SMS nationwide. The heading, translated into English “I Accuse” is borrowing from French novelist, critic, and political activist Émile Zola, who used the opening in French, “J’accuse”, to attack the French establishment with regards to the Dreyfus Affair.

Ya’alon has much to be bitter about, including the backstabbing antics of Gatz. No doubt in the fullness of time, Gatz will get his comeuppance.

While the message is powerful, it will, of course, have no bearing on the “great dictator”, it will be like water off a duck’s back. However, I can appreciate Ya’alon wanting to move to an attacking mode.

And speaking of attacking modes, there has been much in the news of later about several misguided people who have published in the public domain their “interest” in harming Benjamin Netanyahu and/or his family.

Let me state here and now, in the clearest of terms, that the physical removal of a head-of-state, or anyone else for that matter, achieves zero results. Simply look at history. Removal by the ballot-box YES, removal through an act of violence, NO.

That said, while I utterly condone their speech and fantasy actions, it is understandable that, as the situation deteriorates, Benjamin Netanyahu grabs, amasses more singular, solitary power, people do think about and sometimes, regretfully, resort to acts of stupidity, the consequences of which can not be foreseen.

History is full of “why” and “how” did something occur.

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