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Journal Entry: July 15, 2020

In this YouTube clip from "Elizabeth: The Golden Age",, the Spanish Ambassador speaks of a wind that is coming and will ”swipe away your pride”. Maybe, it’s a sentiment that our most benevolent dictator, Benjamin Netanyahu, should take to heart. Because, for sure, there is a wind building in Israel that may very well blow him away.

Just this morning a radio 103FM poll indicated that “40% of Likud party voters said the government led by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has failed to handle the coronavirus crisis”.

The rising star is, of course, former defense minister Naftali Bennett and his sidekick Ayelet Shaked, both of whom, at least according to the media are detested by Netanyahu, although according to many reports this hate is driven by “her indoors” and “the boy wonder” not directly by Netanyahu himself.

“Police use force to disperse anti-Netanyahu protesters, 50 arrested”

I’m no expert on running/managing demonstrations but it seems to me that the “Black Flag” people would do well to study the civil disobedience handbooks of Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King.

Unfortunately, the Israel Police force is cast, not by their own choice I am sure, in the role of the enemy. They are not. The police have the unenviable task of maintaining public order amid a national crisis. Many I am sure if given the chance, would opt to side with the “Black Flag” movement, but obviously can’t publicly.

That said, we have seen in the US many law enforcement members “taking the knee” in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Israel’s Black Flag movement needs to move to non-violent civil disobedience. Not civil unrest, not rioting as was seen last Saturday or last night in Jerusalem but peaceful, silent protest. Strange as it may seem, a mass silent protest will be heard much louder, and carries a far strong message than random acts of destruction and violence towards the police.

Study Gandhi and MLK, understand their thinking and modus operandi. It’s an eye-opener.

By all means, keep a (small) silent vigil outside Netanyahu’s Balfour Street official residence. Mass sit-ins here will not succeed as the police will have no choice but to move on and/or detain protesters. Also, remember a leading Netanyahu poodle is the minister responsible for internal security, and he needs to demonstrate by his actions that he is in charge of the situation. That he has his boss’s back.

The Black Flag movement should think in terms of a simulations silent sit-in by small groups, a maximum of 25 people, at key locations across the country. It’s unfortunate about the chaos it would cause, but can you imagine the impact of say 50 or more groups at the same time staging a sit-in across the country. Every day, at a different time, a different location would send a message to those do-nothings in Jerusalem. It’s regretful that the police, who are not the enemy here, would be stretched.

Following this strategy, the Black Flag leadership needs to make sure that there is no civil disorder, no violence towards the police, or property and that the media is aware of what is going to happen. And there is the need to guard against police infiltration of the movement.

Praise the Lord, and a dozen “Hail Mary’s”, I have taken a bold step and decided that I no longer have to listen to the total and complete BS spewed out by Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Greg Gutfeld, Laura Ingraham and the others at Fox News. What surprises me, maybe I should not be surprised, is the number of people who buy into this brainwashing BS. And, it’s also worth noting that not all talent at Fox News can be grouped with the above four, a number, are reputable, first-class journalists who walk the tightrope between pleasing Rupert Murdoch and reporting factual events, news.


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