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Journal Entry – 13/04/2021

Excellent opinion piece by Yoav Limor, a journalist I greatly admire. “US must understand Iran's word is worthless”

When I first glanced at the headline, I can only assume that some form of word blindness hit, the glimpsed headline seemed to read “US must understand that Netanyahu’s word is worthless”. Certainly, it’s a fact that Benny Gantz subscribes to. Does Naftali Bennett? Time will tell.

Another opinion piece I enjoyed reading was penned by Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau. The piece entitled “Learning to live alongside each other however, in my humble view lacked a knockout punch. Rabbi Lau delt, understandably with the past, yet I had hopes that he would address the present. I appreciate that he wanted to stay clear of politics and yet “Leaning to live alongside each other” must point a finger at Israel of today.

A few weeks ago I participated in a trek in memory of Hadar Goldin. At the outset of the trek, Hadar’s father Simcha said a few words. The gest of his remarks was that regardless of ‘so-called’ left, center or right, secular or religious, we are all Israelis and must find a common path. Simple, profound words.

I have made no secret in the last few years of my disdain for religion. All forms of religion. “Religion is a man-made phenomenon designed to enslave man”. I’ll get off the soapbox for now.

The above line came to mind earlier today when reading about (Reform) Rabbi Gilad Kariv and his commando tactics at the Western Wall. “Using his immunity, Labor MK delivers Torah for women to read at Western Wall” “Reform Rabbi Gilad Kariv says he’s proud to use parliamentary rights so Jews can pray according to their custom; ultra-Orthodox lawmaker likens it to smuggling phones to prisoners”

Read the article and then tell me that religion was not created to enslave man!

I am in awe of people across the world who embrace their respective religions. Who dismiss the idea of human evolution. That accepts the notion that the world was created in six days as per Genesis, despite the scientific evidence to show otherwise.

And here at the Western Wall, the Kotel, supposedly a Holy Site to ALL Jews, and yet, it is, yet again, the orthodox and ultra-orthodox who think that they alone are the guardians of the Jewish religion. What is wrong with these small, narrow-mind men?

Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau in his opinion piece made the point that the Nazis did not differentiate between secular and religious Jews. For them, all Jews were sub-human.

Israel’s enemies, both close to home and far-afield, don’t differentiate between secular and religious Jews, left or right. Their bombs, rockets kill and maim Israelis across all sections of society.

Why can’t Gafni, Deri, and Co., understand and accept that there are multiple streams of Judaism?

All power to Gilad Kariv and the Women of the Wall.


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