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Journal Entry – 08/04/2021

Benjamin Netanyahu claims there is a witch-hunt against him, his wife, and his family (read son Yair).

He even dared to call it an ‘attempted coup’.

Netanyahu on trial: 'This is what an attempted coup looks like' PM claims prosecution is holding a 'witch-hunt' against him, lists a slew of alleged transgressions on law enforcement's side leading up to his corruption trial

What utter, complete bullshit, what is the man smoking these days? By the sound of it, it’s not Arnon Milchan’s cigars.

Netanyahu needs only to look around the world to see what a real attempted coup looks like.

He wants to gain sympathy and support from this and related public utterances. Good luck dude!

Maybe Bibi has one eye on his good friend in Turkey, Tayyip Erdogan where it is widely reported that "People are imprisoned in Turkey for minor criticism that might not land them in prison in China, Russia or Iran–leading to questions over why NATO-member Turkey is now one of the most authoritarian regimes in the world." The imprisoned includes a group of former navy admirals who dared to criticize Erdogan regarding a canal project which is close to his heart.

It’s no secret that privately Netanyahu venerates both Erdogan and Putin for their closed-fist approach to governing their respective countries.

Yamina leader Naftali Bennett has served notice that he will join a new Netanyhua-led government. He argues that the people of Israel want “the establishment of a stable government to save Israel from fifth elections and deterioration into an endless spiral of chaos and hatred.”

A noble thought.

Bennett sounds not unlike Benny Gantz a year ago, and his high ideals about saving the country following election #3. While Bennett is far more astute than Gantz was and I guess is today, can Bennett feel 100% confident in trusting the word of Benjamin Netanyahu?

Netanyahu is after all the ‘great manipulator’.

On the same that the racist Smotrich makes threaten utterances against Israel’s non-Jewish citizens, we have the heartwarming story of a male Muslim nurse – an Israeli citizen – comforting dying patience.

“Smotrich threatens to expel Arab MK, other Muslims who don't accept Jewish rule

“Smotrich: Muslims who don’t agree Israel belongs to Jews, won’t remain

“Muslim Arab nurse who warmed millions of hearts to light Independence Day torch”

No doubt the likes of the ‘triumvirate of evil’ would like to see the man criminalized for having the cheek to recite a Jewish prayer.

As an Israeli taxpayer, I do not want to pay for these racists.

Given the chance, they will turn Israel from a democratic country, a light unto the nations in the middle east, into a version of Iran.

Edmund Burke reminds us that “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”.

So I ask, where are the good men (an women) hiding, why are they staying silent?

This morning while working out, I caught part of the 2002 movie, The Gathering Storm (I was as usual completely my daily three KM walk on a treadmill).

For those who don’t know, The Gathering Storm was the title of book #1 of Winston Churchill's five-set volume, the history of the Second World War. And as Churchill was apt to remind people, “those you do not learn from history are bound to repeat the same mistakes”.

Known as The Wildness Years, the period leading up to the outbreak of war 1939 was for Churchill a time when his voice raised against a growing Nazi Germany fell on near-deaf ears.

This period can be summed up in a single line uttered by British civil servant, Ralph Wigram played by Linus Roache. “The Nazis are introducing a law to force sterilization for the Prevention of Hereditarily Diseased Offspring”.

The British prime minister at the time, Stanly Baldwin dismissed British intervention as it was “purely a domestic German matter’.

People around the world are always so ready to attack Israel regarding its imaged policy to non-Jewish Israeli citizens and yet, I have to date not heard/read any utterances against Smotrich and his gang of racist cohorts.

Many I know would refer to Smotrich and his bully boys as ‘pillocks’, ‘cunts’, ‘assholes’, and much, much more.

I prefer Cormoran Strike’s description of him and his gang of ignorant nobodies – simply he is a ‘twat’.


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