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Journal Entry – 05/14/2021

Naftali Bennett always, at least until now, struck me as someone who was well educated and well informed. Leaving aside his abandonment of Yair Lapid and pouting return to Bibi’s side, Bennett’s remarks about “a wave of pogroms by Arabs across the country” – see below for full story – is not factual and shows Bennett’s lack of knowledge or could not careless attitude to the truth.

“Bennett rules out ‘change gov’t’ amid national unrest, renews talks with Likud” “Yamina leader tells associates that ‘when there is a wave of pogroms by Arabs across the country, and when IDF forces must be involved, this is a reality-changing event’”

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a pogrom is: “an organized massacre of helpless people specifically: such a massacre of Jews”

It may well be that Bennett’s family two or three generations ago experienced firsthand one or more pogroms at the hand of the Russians.

To call the current internal unrest in Israel a pogrom dilutes from the memory and history of the harsh times that Jews endured in Russia and elsewhere in Eastern Europe.

As a former minister of education, I would have thought Bennett was knowledgeable of this fact.

So much for a former minister of education who needs educating.

Israel’s current holder of this important ministry has shown himself to be a complete wally. Yoav Galant in a TV interview said “it was a good thing that the violent riots had broken out as they proved to those considering joining the anti-Netanyahu bloc that such a government would be unable to deal with the violence”.

What is the man smoking? “It was a good thing that violent riots broke out” – the man is surely mad, deranged. And this is Israel’s ministry of education, this is the example he sets to hundreds of thousands of pupils throughout the country.

Is there any hope that Bibi will at least reprimand him, if not dismiss him outright for his blatant outburst?

No doubt Galant will tell us that his remarks were taken out of context, that his words were twisted in translation. Bullshit, the man has shown his true colors, and it's embarrassing.

Just maybe Bennett and Galant are smoking the same weed?

“Education Minister Yoav Galant, also of Likud, said in a television interview Thursday evening that it was a good thing that the violent riots had broken out as they proved to those considering joining the anti-Netanyahu bloc that such a government would be unable to deal with the violence”.

I have no idea if Israel’s current police commissioner, KobiShabtai’s term will go down in history as a success or a failure. Certainly judging by several articles I have seen in the last days, connected to both the current civil unrest and the Meron disaster, the opinion thus far is of a man out of his depth. Maybe that is what Minister of Public Security, Amir Ohana wanted, a yes man, someone who he, on behalf of Bibi, could manipulate.

Judging by the headline below, it appears that Commissioner Shabtai has a pair after all.

The question of course is what Ohana and his boss, our benevolent dictator, the great manipulator himself will do regarding Ben Gvir, Avi Moaz, and their band of fascists thugs?

"Police chief said to blame far-right lawmaker Ben Gvir for ‘internal intifada’" "In briefing, Kobi Shabtai reportedly tells Netanyahu the Kahanist MK always ‘shows up to fan the flames,’ as police begin to gain control of unrest"

"Evil will triumph when good men do nothing."

Edmund Burke’s line came to mind as I read the following opinion piece by Leah Soloman this morning.

“Israeli mom: 'Now is the time to talk about an end to endless conflict'” "It is not disloyal, antisemitic, anti-Zionist, self-hating or traitorous to demand that the Israeli government work proactively toward security, justice, equality and dignity for all human beings"

Getting the facts right when reporting must be rule #101 for a journalist. Fact-check to ensure that all elements of a story are correct.

Take for example the following headline, and to take nothing away from what appears to be a forceful removal, the “Israeli troops” are Israeli border police, as can be seen from their uniform and should patch.

OK, so to many this is hair-splitting but the point is that the reporter on the ground should know the difference between a soldier and a border policeman. It may well be that other facts in this story and other stories published by The Independent are also not 100% correct.

Now for some much-needed laughter!

What can I say, wokism strikes yet again.

“London North East Railway apologises and promises to deal with conductor who wished passengers a cheery 'good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls' after 'non-binary' LGBT rail union rep said it didn't 'apply to them'”


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