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Journal Entry – 04/27/2021

It’s no secret that I don’t care for Bezalel Smotrich, the head of the Religious Zionism party.

True be told, he is no doubt not concerned about my lack of enthusiasm for him, and likewise to no doubt does not give a hoot about me. We are two individuals divided by an insurmountable chasm.

I find this little man – and I am not referring to his stature – grossly obnoxious.

A few weeks back he openly called for our benevolent dictator Netanyahu and would-be PM, Gideon Sa’ar to sort out their differences.

“Smotrich begs Netanyahu, Sa'ar to 'sort out differences'; establish a government”.

Smotrich’s call for action is of course one-sided or should that looped sided?

His call to Netanyahu. Sa’ar, Bennett, and others of the so-called nationalist camp naturally exclude all who do not think in Smotrich’s warped way. Therefore his statement shows clearly if anyone was in doubt, where his true calling lays.

Just look at this more recent article on this gentleman.

“Far-right party leader: Arabs are citizens of Israel ‘for now at least” “Smotrich stands by position against a government propped up by Islamist Ra’am party, declaring any coalition reliant on ‘terror supporters’ is unacceptable”

Now, while the above headline includes the words “Arabs are citizens of Israel for now at least”, there is no getting away from the fact that it’s just a hop, skip and jump until he pronounces that all those who do not support his views are also citizens of Israel, for now at least.

This could well include those whose Jewish way of life does not meet Smotrich’s liking.

Smotrich’s statement echos Nazi Germany and Hitler’s non-stop rants about selected segments of the German citizenry.

Speaking of obnoxious little men, Yair Netanyahu must surely fit that description.

Just consider his latest fountain of verbal diarrhea.

“Yair Netanyahu rages at ‘vile’ leftists, ‘pedophile’ Barak, in libel testimony” ‘’PM’s son goes on attack in indignant court appearance, repeatedly smearing detractors and accusing left-wing think tank of incitement against family’’

Making the most of his shotgun approach with vile bombasts, innuendoes, and gutter sniping, Netanyahu has shown yet again that he is his father and mother's son.

Pertinent was one of his many outbursts in court when he stated “I am not elected by the public and I do not owe anything to the public. I am a private citizen, who expresses his opinion on social networks in accordance with freedom of expression, until you come to power and ban it,” he told attorney Gilad Sher, who was representing Molad, referring to the Israeli left.

It strikes me as funny that it appears to the nationalist camp that wants to act as a censor banning anything and everything that they do not support, endorse.

I am delighted that Yair has given all bloggers a green light to express ourselves via social media as we see fit. While it’s probably no longer PC in certain cycles, we can, thanks to Yair, once again call "a spade a spade”.

By chance while surfing the Internet for something else, I came across this wonderful quote from Mick (Crocodile) Dundee – i.e. actor Paul Hogan.

There is confusion as to whether the quote relates to Hogan’s native Australia or more generally to the world (earth) as a whole.

We can also apply the quote to The Land of Israel.

“This land has been here for millions of years. Arguing over who owns it is like two fleas arguing over who owns the dog they live on.’’


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