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Journal Entry: 04/19/2021

Having dinner the other evening with an acquaintance, he mentioned in passing that he had recently switched from Facebook to MeWe. I related that a couple of years ago I too registered with MeWe but gave up on the social media outlet following a spat of abusive emails and strangers wanting to be my friend. The latter, as far as I could tell, were spam-type communications. I closed the MeWe account.

Although happy with my blog site, out of curiosity I registered again at MeWe. Immediately on logging on, I remembered what I dislike about Facebook and MeWe. I have zero interest in knowing that someone just farted, that they are eating a hotdog, listening to some singer I have never heard of, posting selfies, and generally holding up a mirror to their life. What bullshit. I closed down the account for a second time. I’ll stay with my blog.

There are times when a first-class laugh is the order of the day. Those of a certain age and have lived in the UK will remember with fondness the Two Ronnies. Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett.

I came across a wonderful article recently on this dynamic duo, who together with Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise, dominated British comedy for so many years.

And speaking of interesting articles, I came across one from the Simple Flying blog site: “Will Airships Have A Place In The Future Of Aviation?”.

The agreement that airships have a future is strongly made, and who knows, given their green footprint, may well offer an alternative mode of transport for both cargo and passengers.

Ben M. Freeman (no relation) recently released a podcast that is worth listening to. Entitled “With left-wing anti-Zionism on the rise, how to instill ‘Jewish pride’”. the podcast throws out a challenge to young liberal Jews to go on a journey of self-discovery and explore authentic history to help reclaim pride in their Jewish identities.

OK, so I am not a ‘young liberal Jew’, nevertheless, the podcast is of interest.

While we are running to make new friends in the UAE, Brahmin, and elsewhere in the Arab/Muslim world, some of us have forgotten that nearer home we have issues that need resolution.


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