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Journal Entry – 04/04/2021


Last week I wrote that the Haredim during their many demonstrates, refer to the police as “fascists”, this is of course completely wrong. Rather they chant “Nazi” at the police. I appreciate that to many this may appear to be semantics, but accurate reporting is a must.

Likewise, I referred to the ‘triumvirate of evil’ as “fascists”. Again, I was wrong. They are of course xenophobic. In simple terms, they are racist. And again, while some would term these nuances semantics, the correct labels must be used.

You need to read the utterances of Avi Moaz of Noam to see how he would happily enslave women by doing away with their rights, making them the property of their fathers until marriage and thereafter their husbands.

His feelings towards the LGBTQ community are public record, as are his feelings regarding the 25.4% non-Jewish population of Israel. Likewise Reform and other non-orthodox Jews and secular Jews. In short, anyone who does not conform to his interpretation of what is a Jew.

Moaz, along with Ben-Gvir and Smotrich will, given the chance, introduce their version of the Nuremberg Laws, which will be every bit as racists as the original 1935 laws passed by the Nazis, which will be every bit as draconian as those reprobates.

What I find surprising is that no one as far as I can see in the Likud has spoken out against these racists. Not Amir Ohana, who is openly gay, not Tzachi Hanegb, not Yisrael Katz, not Yuli Edelstein, not Avi Dichter, not Yuval Steinitz, not Miri Regev. The list goes on and on. Do they subscribe to Moaz’s statement that in Israel, Judaism comes first and only after democracy?

While this is to be expected from ‘little meaningless men’ like the ‘triumvirate of evil’, I had expected more from the rank and file of Likud MKs who up until now at least had embraced democracy.

But there again, if they, the above mentioned, don’t have the balls to stand up and demand a change in the Knesset, raising the threshold to at least 10%, why should we expect them to speak out against the ‘triumvirate of evil’ racists.

It’s clear to all that the present electoral system requires repair.

If I remember correctly, in the Leslie Thomas classic, The Virgin Soldiers, Sargent-Major Wellbeloved using a noun, adjective, and verb in a three-string phrase to describe a rifle barrel. The same three-string phrase could well be used to describe the Israel’s electoral system.

And while the democratic electoral system in Israel needs a rapid overhaul, as Winston Churchill was to frequently remark, “democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.”

With that in mind, why do we need to keep seeing on the TV and the newspapers pictures of “she who must be obeyed”. Did anyone vote for her?

And Bibi (and Ben Gvir) need to be reminded that when we vote, we vote for a party, not a block. Bibi may have secured the most seats, but he did not secure a majority. And despite whatever spin he (or Ben Gvir) put on it, the Right did not win an outright majority. The whores of the UTJ and Shas are quite able to pull their support for Bibi and join forces with someone else, if, of course, the money is right!!!!!!

And then we the sorry tale of Rabbi Haim Kanievsky telling supporters that “Arabs are better political partners than the left”

While I for one would welcome the participation of non-Jewish Israeli citizens in the government, Kanievsky shows yet again the distain that many orthodox and ultra-orthodox have for Jews that are not 100% like them.

It is sad, revolting that this is the face of Israel in April 2021.


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