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Journal Entry – 04/01/2021

We hiked from the meeting point in Kochav Yair to the memorial established in memory of Hadar – 2.5 hours / 8.5 kilometers.

The memorial, well signposted, is just beyond the settlement of Sal’it, less than a 10-minute drive from Tzur Yitzhak. The view from the memorial which is et on a hill is just breath-taking and while worth the drive, even if you don’t hike the trail.

Hard to tell but I guess a few hundred people participated in the event. Noticeable by their absence, at least to me, were members of the Knesset, the media, and even a representative of the Kfar Saba city council, where Hadar lived.

During the hike, I overheard a participant telling a group of hikers that a few weeks ago he had attended a regular Friday rally to bring attention to the plight of Hadar and two others – the slogan: ‘bring the boys back’ - is used. While not attending the rally closeby was a reporter from Israel Channel 13 TV news. It would appear that the reporter was not allowed to cover the rally due, it would seem to pressure by Bibi (this was the assumption I drew) on the management of Channel 13. If true, this is a horrendous betrayal of human values.

I wondered why the slogan was not ‘bring the boys home’ rather than ‘bring the boys back’ which is the title of a Pink Floyd song written by DBS support Roger Waters.

Taking of betrayal, I was shocked although not surprised by the raving of Avi Moaz of the fascist Noam party and his latest demands “Extremist Noam Party demands to 'amend' gov't protections for women” “In addition, the party said it would also demand to establish a headquarters to track and "neutralize" what they deem to be foreign interests, in accordance with the controversial Nation State Law.”

Thus far Miri Regev has stayed silent, maybe she is happy about being classed as a second-class citizen?

Is fascist Moaz the Joseph McCarthy of Israel

It always struck me as funny the Haredim calling the police ‘fascists and yet here we have proof that the real fascists are Moaz, Ben Gvir, and Smotrich.

Reminds me of a line from a 1960s song “why go to learn the words of fools?” – from Itchycoo Park by the Small Faces, the late, great Stevie Marriott on lead vocals. The line sums up the ‘triumvirate of evil’

Thanks to Bibi and his ego, this is the face of Israel in 2021. Shame!

And what is with Sa’ar, Bennett, Lapid, are their egos that big that they can’t see the damage they are doing to Israel? Guess not.

Had a haircut today. So what is the big deal? I have been going to the same guy for about six years, and while I like him, and he gives a good cut, his working hours are often erratic meaning that I have to fit into his schedule.

A couple of months back went to a new guy, young, just starting on his own. Although his pricing is good, I was not too happy with the cut. Went back to him today as my regular guy was closed. The second time around, I am a happy punter. There has to be a moral somewhere, not sure what it is and where!


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