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Journal Entry – 03/30/2021

Returned to Icon gym this morning following the weekend break but forgot to take a towel, thus cut short my training session. To make up, walk the park route. Enjoyable, fresh air, not too hot.

Reading the papers this morning – online – and hearing the news – may be a mistake – the lines from an Evita song came to mind: “Oh, what a circus”

The verse goes: “She had her moments She had some style The best show in town was the crowd Outside the Casa Rosada Crying Eva Peron”

Given the current impasse, maybe the lines should read: “He had her moments He had some style The best show in town was the crowd On Balfour Street Crying Bibi go home”

It’s not funny, it is quite sad.

Naftali Bennet’s declaration that he should be prime minister is reminiscent of Winston Churchill's pronouncement of May 1940, following the resignation of Neville Chamberlin, that he, Churchill was the only person capable of assuming the role of prime minister. While Bennet is no Churchill, there are similarities in the notion of self-belief.

And while Israel is at war as Britain was in 1940, maybe Bennet is like Churchill offering "blood, toil, tears and sweat" in an effort to move Israel forward.

Bibi unlike Chamberlin and his foreign minister, Edward Halifax, is not an ‘appeaser’. Bibi has certainly waived much paper in our direction, ensuring us of “peace in our time” and while concerning the Gulf States, this may while prove to be the case, he has failed to ensure “peace in our time” with our immediate neighbors to the west and the east!

Over the weekend I was asked to briefly explain the goings-on of the British Royal Family with an emphasis on Harry Wales and his not-so-talented wife. This I did.

At the conclusion of my commentary, the lady I was talking to said “we have our king and queen, Bibi and Sara

My rejoinder was “yes, but at times it’s almost impossible to know who is the King, who is the Queen, who is the Jack, and who is the Joker”.

She thought my wit first class, not so her niece, Becky’s granddaughter who was appalled by my comments. Under different circumstances, I might have continued and explained how I view Haredi politicians; something akin to whores with their focus solely on ‘the money'.

On a lighter, far saner vain, there is a brilliant review of Eddie Izzard “I'm just trying to create a space for myself”


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